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Virtual Treatment

Care that connects with you

The Emily Program is committed to delivering care where it’s best for our clients. To that end, our comprehensive treatment model has evolved to include virtual eating disorder services. Delivering treatment within a secure online environment puts our compassionate, evidence-based care within greater reach.

The Emily Program offers virtual eating disorder treatment* for partial hospitalization programs (PHP)/intensive day programs (IDP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and outpatient sessions. Through virtual treatment, our clients stay connected with multidisciplinary care providers and pursue recovery in individual and group settings.

*Note: Virtual treatment is currently offered in Minnesota, Washington, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Virtual treatment across state lines has limitations.

What is virtual treatment?

Virtual treatment uses technology to deliver care to clients. It allows you to connect to your treatment team via secure video to receive the structured support you would typically receive in person at an Emily Program site.

Like traditional intensive programming (IDP/PHP and IOP), virtual programming at The Emily Program includes individual, group, and family therapy; therapeutic meal support; nutritional counseling; psychiatry sessions; and medical appointments, as appropriate. Your treatment plan will be personalized to fit your specific needs.

Prior to receiving virtual treatment at The Emily Program, you will attend an orientation that introduces your programming schedule and curriculum. Orientation staff will ensure you have access to the appropriate food and nutritional supplements, technology, and other resources you will need to participate in virtual treatment.

Medical and safety needs will be assessed regularly to ensure you are receiving the level of care appropriate for you.

How do I prepare for treatment?

Read through these documents on how to get ready for treatment prior to your first appointment.

What if I don’t have internet access at home?

Please let us know if you have any technology concerns (e.g., internet access) that would make it difficult for you to participate from home. We will provide internet for you on-site at The Emily Program so that you can participate in virtual programming.

Will my sessions be private?

If you have others present in your space while you are in virtual programming, we imagine it may be a time you could enlist those around you for extra support. When/if you do that during programming, please ensure that they understand these are confidential services. Please ask that they maintain confidentiality regarding anything they may hear or see while you are involved in virtual treatment.

What are meals like?

Therapeutic meals over virtual treatment will involve you joining others at the table virtually. You will have a short amount of time to prepare your meal prior to sitting with the group to eat. To allow for more interaction and support, the group size at meals will be smaller than in other virtual treatment groups. Staff and your peers in the group will offer support at the meal so that you can accomplish your meal-related treatment goals.

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