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The Emily Program locations in Washington

Founded in 1993, The Emily Program is nationally recognized for its compassionate and personalized approach to eating disorder awareness, treatment, and lifetime recovery. We’re here to help. Take our self-assessment quiz to see if it’s time to call 1-888-364-5977 to schedule an assessment today.

The Emily Program’s Approach to Outpatient & Residential Eating Disorder Treatment in Washington

Nationally known for its evidence-based and caring approach, The Emily Program in Washington offers effective eating disorder treatment, championing lasting recovery. We believe you’re more than your eating disorder.

Our Washington team includes seasoned therapists, nutritionists, and medical professionals, all focused on treating the whole person. We provide PHP/IOP eating disorder day treatment and inpatient treatment, tailoring strategies for your recovery.

Our methods include Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Family-Based Treatment (FBT). We also offer dietary assessments, medical and psychiatric assistance, and activities like yoga, art and expressive therapy, meditation, and mindfulness.

We believe that hands-on food experiences are key. We provide monitored meals, meal preparation support, shopping guidance, and insight on healthy choices when you’re dining out.

We also support LGBTQIA+ and trauma recovery in Washington, ensuring everyone feels welcomed and safe on their healing journey.

Eating Disorders Treated at Our Washington Locations

The Emily Program in Washington offers comprehensive and specialized treatment options for various eating disorders and related mental health conditions.

One of the most prevalent eating disorders treated by The Emily Program in Washington is anorexia nervosa. Individuals with this disorder often have an intense fear of weight gain, coupled with a distorted body image, which can lead to extreme malnutrition.

Bulimia nervosa is another disorder for which The Emily Program in Washington provides treatment. Commonly known as bulimia, this condition is marked by episodes of overeating followed by compensatory actions such as self-induced vomiting or excessive exercise to avoid weight gain.

The Emily Program also provides treatment for binge eating disorder, where individuals experience episodes of excessive food consumption and a loss of control, often as a reaction to negative emotions.

Compulsive overeating is another disorder in which we specialize. Here, individuals exhibit repeated episodes of overeating that aren’t necessarily tied to physical hunger, potentially leading to weight gain and related health complications.

Moreover, The Emily Program in Washington is well-equipped to handle conditions like OSFED (Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder) and ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder).

Get help. Find hope.