About us

Founded in 1993, The Emily Program is nationally recognized for our compassionate and personalized approach to eating disorder awareness, treatment, and lifetime recovery. We understand the tangled complexities of eating disorders, often from personal experiences.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional, individualized care leading to recovery from eating disorders.

Our vision

Our vision is a world of peaceful relationships with food, weight, and body image, where everyone with an eating disorder can experience recovery.

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We are passionate about the care we offer: a full spectrum of individualized eating disorder treatment—from residential to outpatient.


We treat each of our clients with empathy and integrity, recognizing that every person we treat is so much more than their eating disorder.

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We are committed to offering the very best evidence-based care to our clients, and advocating for improved access to eating disorder care for all individuals.


Our multidisciplinary teams integrate medical, therapeutic, psychiatric, and nutritional expertise to deliver exceptional care in collaboration with families and the wider healthcare community.

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Grow with us

The Emily Program staff includes distinguished professionals in the eating disorder field who share their understanding, experience, and commitment to lifetime recovery with our clients. Dietitians. Therapists. Psychiatrists. Physicians. Nurses. With sites in four states, our goal is to offer care to as many individuals with eating disorders and their families as we can. We’re here to help you and your family. We look forward to meeting you!

Get help. Find hope.

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