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February 22, 2019

The Emily Program Foundation is becoming WithAll

The Emily Program Foundation is becoming WithAll

WithAll (formerly The Emily Program Foundation) announced its name change today, marking its new focus on prioritizing eating disorder prevention, expanding recovery support, and offering simple resources that will reach many more people. This name change represents the organization’s expansion of its reach and scope after a successful decade-plus journey through the invaluable contributions of its founders and supporters then, now, and into the future.

The name Withall signifies that no one is alone in fighting an eating disorder—or in working to prevent them. While the name has changed, The Emily Program remains one of WithAll’s valuable partners and supporters.

Why is the name changing? When The Emily Program formed TEPF more than a dozen years ago, our intent was to grow a spark of an idea into a significant force for change across the country. Now, having grown by leaps and bounds, including joining forces with the Anna Westin Foundation in 2008, TEPF is poised to take the next step in its growth. Changing its name to WithAll will facilitate the organization to reach more people by working in partnership with a larger network of organizations and communities to produce the greatest impact. WithAll will continue to honor the past and continue ongoing work with The Emily Program, including establishing a new WithAll Financial Assistance fund called The Anna Westin Fund. The Anna Westin Fund will be a dedicated fund within the WithAll Financial Assistance Program specifically for clients of The Emily Program

What is WithAll working on? WithAll has three primary goals:

  1. To reduce the risk of eating disorders through upstream prevention
  2. Help people break through practical barriers in pursuing recovery
  3. Help family and friends feel better supported while navigating a loved one’s recovery

WithAll plans to accomplish these goals by starting:

  1. The “What to Say” Initiative. This new initiative will launch in March 2019 and is dedicated to equipping adults with simple tools to help kids develop healthy relationships with food and body.
  2. WithAll’s Financial Assistance Program. For those in need, WithAll will issue one-time grants up to $500 to cover cost-of-living expenses to help remove barriers to getting treatment.
  3. WithAll’s Friends and Family Support Network. In the fall of 2019, WithAll will launch a new digital network to connect individuals looking for support with a peer who wants to give back so more family members and friends can get support during critical moments.

We are proud of our friends at WithAll for their continued and growing commitment to eating disorder advocacy. You can find WithAll online at, and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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