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Empowering Music for Eating Disorder Recovery

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Music has long been recognized as a tool for healing.

Well before Spotify playlists of empowering recovery songs and Pinterest boards of inspiring lyric tattoos, music was celebrated as curative in mythology, religion, and philosophy. Apollo, the Greek god of both music and medicine, used his songs to heal and prevent disease. In the Old Testament, David played his harp to soothe Saul, and in Aristotle’s writings, music was hailed as emotionally cathartic and healing.

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Five Inspirational People in Eating Disorder Recovery

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**By Khadiga Khan

Khadija Khan is a content writer at edreferral. She is passionate about recovery and learning every aspect of SEO content writing and marketing by covering multiple niches. When Khadija is not writing, she enjoys spending time reading and traveling.

Eating disorders are brain-based biological illnesses that are serious and can be life-threatening. Eating disorders may be challenging to differentiate, as they are not obvious just by looking at someone’s appearance. They were also historically stigmatized and silenced. However, amidst all this, there are still many who come forward and inspire others who are suffering to find recovery.

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Motivating Through Music

We’ve put together our third #TEPMusicMonday playlist. We hope that these songs lift you up and help you continue moving forward on your journey to recovery.

There’s something special about music and how each song resonates with everyone in different ways. These songs have been shared over the past couple months on The Emily Program Facebook page – we call it #TEPMusicMonday. We like to start the week on the right note (pun intended) and hope you enjoy the music we share. Follow us on Facebook to enjoy our weekly selection.

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TEP Music Monday Playlist 2

If you follow The Emily Program on Facebook, you’ve likely seen and listened to our #TEPMusicMonday songs. These songs are posted to inspire and motivate us all to get the week started on the right note.

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