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It’s Okay not to be Thankful for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is lauded as a holiday of thanks, togetherness, and harmony. However, this meal-centric holiday is also considered to be a goldmine of opportunity for advertisers. From commercials about new diets to gyms promoting memberships by promising that participants can “lose that holiday fat,” it’s easy to see why Thanksgiving isn’t always something to be thankful for.

For those struggling with food, weight, or body image, Thanksgiving can be a particularity triggering holiday. Not only are diet companies, beauty stores, and exercise facilities using the holiday to promote sales based off of body shame, but individuals are often subjected to critical comments by those they love the most. While often not intentionally, those around the Thanksgiving table may contribute to eating disorder thoughts and behaviors.

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Navigating the Holidays

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To help you prepare for the upcoming holidays, our staff has come up with some tips and words of encouragement. Add any or all of them to your recovery tool box for upcoming holiday events.

  • Continue doing what works for you despite the fact that your schedule may change, stress may increase, and time may be short.
  • Remember: it’s progress, not perfection.
  • Have a plan for food and skills to use during the day.
  • Keep practicing self-care by feeding yourself, getting enough water, moving when/if/how it makes sense for your body, resting when you need to, and connecting with others.
  • All foods fit, and your body knows how to use them.
  • Allow yourself to ask for more support from others you trust, whether that be family, friends, or treatment team members.
  • Remember that although it may seem like everyone is sharing happy memories with their loved ones, not everyone is and it’s okay since that is often real life. Stay away from social media if it allows you to have a more realistic picture of the world.
  • Consider what would make you enjoy the holiday season more, whether that be doing something traditional, such as baking or going to church, or something less traditional, such as getting a pedicure or volunteering. Make the holiday season your season, not something that you think it should be.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season!

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We All Have Something to Be Thankful For

Marks Musings

Thanksgiving is a time when many of us count our blessings. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gather with the people we love and acknowledge the things we value. However, it’s important to remember that for someone with an active eating disorder or in recovery from an eating disorder, the holidays can be a challenging time filled with complicated emotions.

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New Year, New View: 2017 Edition

2017 New Years

Hi Everyone!

New Year, New You? How about New Year, New View!

So it’s that time of year. The time when the marketing campaigns begin, telling us “this is the year” to make a change, lose weight, get fit, get healthy, change ourselves and turn over a new leaf. Hey, I am a big believer in change—it truly is the only constant—and some change and internal focus is needed to grow and expand as a human being. It can be positive, healthy and important. It can be helpful to step back and reflect on how things went during the previous year, what you want for next year and sketch out a plan of action on how to reach those goals.

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