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February 14, 2024

The Health Benefits of Loving Yourself

Valentine’s Day may be commercialized and over-hyped. For some it’s an obligatory gift-giving day, for others it’s a reminder of a broken heart or an unclear relationship status. But for those who do choose to celebrate, the holiday is an occasion to recognize love in all its forms.

This Valentine’s week, we’re exploring love in the context of the relationships we have with ourselves. Like other types of love, self-love is an action we practice and develop, one cultivated through self-compassion. And self-compassion bestows physical and mental health benefits worth celebrating in this season of love and beyond.

January 4, 2024

The Trouble with Diet, Weight Loss, and Exercise Resolutions

Diet culture thrives around the New Year holiday. In our society, the new year is a time for self-reflection, and often that leads people to decide to get “healthier.” The problem is that the diet industry has co-opted “health” and “wellness,” causing many people to believe the misconception that thin equals healthy. As a result, the well-intentioned goal of “healthier living” can become solely weight-loss-focused. 

In a culture obsessed with weight and food, it is no surprise that resolutions surrounding diet, weight loss, and exercise are so rampant. Our culture is fixated on thinness, and specifically, thinness as something that everyone should strive for in order to be attractive, popular, successful, and healthy. In this article, we will cover the trouble with diet, weight loss, and exercise resolutions, including their impact on those experiencing, recovering from, or at risk of developing an eating disorder. 

November 30, 2023

How to Identify Eating Disorders This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and while it often brings joy and celebration, it also presents challenges for individuals with eating disorders. With food-centric gatherings, disrupted eating routines, and a surge in diet conversations, it’s no wonder this time of year can be particularly tough for those struggling with food.

As a provider, you have the power to recognize the symptoms of disordered eating and eating disorders and connect them with the care they need. In this blog, we’ll explore the challenges faced by those with eating disorders during the holidays and discuss ways providers can offer support to those struggling.

November 2, 2023

8 Eating Disorder Recovery Tips for a Peaceful Holiday

The holiday season has officially arrived! With the festive spirit and cheer of the holidays often come stress and anxiety, especially for those in eating disorder recovery.

We hope that this season brings you connection with friends and family or time for reflection on growth or goal setting for the coming months or years. May these few recovery ideas help you successfully navigate this year’s holidays in recovery.

December 29, 2022

Out with the Old: Revolutionizing Resolutions

Lose weight. Exercise more. Eat “healthy.”

These resolutions seem as synonymous with the New Year as the midnight ball drop and fireworks display. Amid popping corks and clinking glasses, we hear the same tired promises each turn of the calendar year, as if they’re verses in “Auld Lang Syne” themselves.

As New Year’s marks the passage of time, so too it shows our sociocultural pressures and values. In the most popular resolutions, we see society’s expectations—the “goods” and goals worth pursuing in the name of personal betterment.

In a culture preoccupied with weight and food, it is no surprise that New Year’s resolutions frequently reflect these obsessions. Striving to lose weight—arguably the most popular resolution each year—is to affirm our cultural fixation on thinness and view of weight loss as a universal good. And while exercise and eating patterns can indeed influence health, many resolve to make these changes with the primary or sole goal of losing weight. Weight is mistaken as a proxy for health.

December 20, 2022

How to Navigate Unwanted Food and Body Comments During the Holidays

Eating disorders can make the holidays especially stressful. The increased focus on eating this time of year often comes with unwelcome comments about food, body, and weight. When in recovery from an eating disorder, you are already battling disordered thoughts, and oftentimes people’s comments on food and body can confirm your judgments of yourself—no matter how well-intentioned. Remarks on these subjects can even trigger eating disorder behaviors. 

Before attending a holiday event in eating disorder recovery, we encourage you to prepare for comments you may receive about food or your body. You may feel comfortable challenging the person asking or commenting something inappropriate or you may prefer to set the boundary that certain topics are off-limits around you. If you don’t have the energy for those options, it may be better for your recovery to simply change the subject or excuse yourself instead. Learn more below about how to navigate unwanted comments during the holidays. 

Get help. Find hope.