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June 25, 2015

Eating with Our Clients: The Therapeutic Meal

At The Emily Program, our registered dietitian nutritionists work with clients to help them heal their relationships with food and physical selves. Incorporating the proper mix of nourishment into their daily lives helps their bodies and minds begin to recover and function the way they are naturally meant to.

May 7, 2013

Walk-in Counseling Now Available in St. Paul

Over the past several months, The Emily Program St. Louis Park office has offered walk-in counseling and referral services to our adult clients. We now offer this same service to adult clients at our St. Paul location, 2265 Como Ave.

February 6, 2012

The Importance of Early and Aggressive Treatment

Re-posted from Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders (CCED) blog archives. CCED and The Emily Program partnered in 2014.

A recent study by Dr. Janet Treasure, one of the world’s most prominent eating disorder researchers, has demonstrated the significant importance of early and aggressive treatment for anorexia nervosa. In her study, regardless of the treatment mechanism, patients who had been ill for longer than three years had significantly worse outcomes after treatment then those who had been ill for less time. Give the lack of evidence-based treatment available until ten years ago, we do not know if the current treatment mechanism may be more effective for those who have been ill longer. However, we can certainly say that based on this study, the faster someone gets into treatment and the more aggressive the treatment, clients are faster into recovery and less likely to relapse.

Get help. Find hope.