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The Road to Living, Not Just Surviving

…thought about them when I decided that I was really sick. I told her, which I believed for a long time, that I was I’m fine. She would tell me that no I really wasn’t. I just kept brushing her off. I would Snapchat her while I was at the…


Eating Disorder Awareness: What Everyone Needs to Know

…types are treatable and worth treating. Many people with these illnesses wonder whether they are “sick enough” for care, usually comparing their illness experience to that of others. The reality is that all eating disorders deserve care. The symptoms present in diverse ways, one disorder aligning with DSM criteria differently…



…but it recovered. My body rebounded like it had a game plan or instruction manual. The symptoms we experience when sick are the result of our immune system fighting back. How cool is that? It’s like our own private military. But what about those times when illness doesn’t sound like…


Recovery Conversations: A Q&A with Melanie Stephen 

…half-hearted attempts in my early adulthood, but my insurance company didn’t believe that I was “sick enough” to qualify for those levels of care. The second time was in 2007, after a bad self-harm incident for which I was brought to the hospital. I had already been in contact with…


Embrace Your Voice, Honor Your Truth

…recovery, I have awoken from the emotional numbness, brain fog, and physical demise that have characterized my entire university experience. I’ve learned that there is no such thing as “sick enough,” no one perfect time to ask for help, and no definitive rock bottom. I could not have started this…


What is Atypical Anorexia?

…disorder. Instead of people noticing that someone is struggling, they may be unknowingly encouraging unhealthy behavior. To someone with an eating disorder, this may sound like they are not “sick enough” to get help. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Recovery is Possible Weight bias and weight stigma—along…


Get help. Find hope.