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The Trouble with Diet, Weight Loss, and Exercise Resolutions

…bradycardia, and low heart rate. Common signs that you or a loved one is over-exercising include exercising even when injured or sick, avoiding social situations to exercise, or experiencing extreme stress when a workout is missed. Exercise may not be appropriate for everyone in eating disorder recovery. It is essential…


Recognizing Eating Disorders in Athletes

…Exercising when sick or injured Great distress when a workout is missed or avoiding events and situations to workout Medical complications—menstrual irregularity, dry skin, hair loss, brittle hair, osteoporosis, dental problems, diabetes, heart disease, organ failure, consistent fainting, dizziness, bruising, leg cramps, diarrhea, constipation, chest pain, heartburn, and shortness of…


Traveling with an Eating Disorder

…allergic to cheese. Are you okay?” I laughed and replied, “Beating my eating disorder has never tasted better.” And we moved on with the conversation. It was a reminder of all the painful lies I told to my friends and loved ones when I was sick. But it was also…


Honesty is in Healing

…before sickness. My eating disorder convinced me that its lies and whispers would solve every problem I could imagine. So I had to become a liar. My anorexia could not have existed without dishonesty. I was armed with excuses about false food allergies, not needing to eat, and having eaten…


Staff Spotlight, Jessica Hammerly

…of our mental health. I wish that more people knew that it was okay to get sick sometimes and get support instead of suffering in silence. If you could do another job just for a day, what would it be? If I wasn’t in the counseling field, I’d be doing…


Redefining Strength in Eating Disorder Recovery

…tell that I was an elite athlete just by the way I looked, and later, that I was also extremely sick. It made me feel special to challenge the fear in people’s gaze or their failure to meet my eyes, as they noticed my emaciated frame. Those looks affirmed that…


Get help. Find hope.