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Am I “Sick Enough” for Eating Disorder Treatment?

…So much eating disorder damage happens gradually and invisibly. If you are engaging in eating disorder behaviors, you may be experiencing damage you can’t yet see. Please don’t worry if you’re “sick enough” for treatment. You don’t have to be sick “enough.” You just have to be sick. Anyone and…


The Problem with “Before and After” Photos

…with eating disorders may think they are not “sick enough” if they do not look like the “before” photo. Many seeing this image may think that’s how someone with an eating disorder should look and it may lead them to feel they are not “sick enough” to get treatment. The…


ED Q&A: What Do You Wish People Understood?

…what you look like. And sick is sick! You’re never not sick enough for help -Cheyanne Recovery is a daily battle. -Dani They can’t be explained easily. -Jodi Life-threatening, no matter the type. -Allyson They are not a choice but a mental illness. -Susie I wish that people understood that…


Demi Lovato Shows That Recovery Is a Process

Eating disorder stories are often told with a “before” and an “after.” Sick and well. Unhealthy and healthy. Ill and recovered. At one end of the spectrum are those sick (“sick enough”) for care, and at the other, those celebrating complete freedom from their illness. Often in celebrity coverage, it’s…


How Grief Triggered My Eating Disorder

…without it. My mind had become accustomed to glorifying sickness, but I was just never sick enough for the disease. Through hospital admissions and my time in treatment centers, the voice screamed even louder every time I tried to fight it. My recovery wasn’t linear and, don’t get me wrong,…


Where the River Flows: A Q&A with Author Rachel Havekost

…help without asking. Changing my body was a way for me to physically display my pain. If I looked sick, wouldn’t someone notice? Wouldn’t they realize I wasn’t ok, without me having to say it? For years this became a pattern. If I was struggling with fears of inadequacy, lack…


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