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Client Stories & Reviews

The Emily Program has earned a reputation for exceptional client satisfaction. Survey data shows that 90% of clients and families would recommend The Emily Program for eating disorder care. Explore some of the inspiring testimonials from those who have walked the path of recovery with us. If you see yourself or someone you know reflected in these stories, we encourage you to take our brief Eating Disorder Assessment or reach out to us directly at 888-364-5977

The Client Experience: In Their Own Words


The Emily Program’s #BesideMeWhen campaign showcases stories of hope and healing. Former Emily Program clients describe how The Emily Program supported them through an eating disorder.

Recovery Story: Stephanie

Stephanie Maiwurm, a former Emily Program client, shares her story of treatment, healing, and recovery.

Recovery Story: Jeana

Jeana Bisek, a former Emily Program client, describes her experience with an eating disorder and how she approached recovery.

The Emily Program Reviews

Discover the real-life impacts of The Emily Program through the experiences shared by our clients and their loved ones. These stories highlight the journeys of individuals who have found hope and healing with our compassionate care and comprehensive treatment programs. Hearing from those who’ve walked this path before can offer you valuable insights and reassurance as you consider the right steps for your own journey toward recovery. 

One of the most powerful things that I am able to see today is that my team worked tirelessly and held that hope for me when I couldn’t hold it for myself. The team held out hope that I would overcome ED—they believed even when I no longer did, and they were absolutely relentless in their attempts to help me heal myself.”

My relationship to food now—it’s just there to fuel me. It’s not my protector anymore, because now I’ve got that; now I’ve got people. There’s no hold on me with it anymore, which is awesome.”

I LOVE The Emily Program and becoming a ‘part’ of it has helped me grow, develop, heal, and become a better person.”

I love The Emily Program for the hope, respect, support, and wonderful care they bring to all who are affected by eating disorders.”

The beautiful thing about this place is that they are teaching us how to take our lives back, empowering us to empower ourselves.”

In my specific experience, The Emily Program has been life-saving. Actually, more so, it was life ‘giving’ in that through my 5 months of working with The Emily Program, I’ve had glimpses into what life COULD be like. They are helping me learn to ‘live’ my life. At age 42, I’m finally able to admit to myself that yes, this is long overdue, and yes, I do actually deserve it :)”

Thank God for The Emily Program. My heart is filled with gratitude and love. I’m starting to find me and it feels so good.  I’ve been lost for so long. Symptoms have subsided to a bare minimum. Progress!!”

The Emily Program means freedom from a lifelong obsession for me. For most of my life, I thought more about eating or not eating than anything else, and I couldn’t stop. When my problem got so bad – difficulty functioning at work and in my relationships – I turned to The Emily Program. After a year in treatment, I can honestly say that I am free. Food is just food and I am able to live for the first time in many years.”

The staff at The Emily Program made me feel safe and genuinely cared for. And I know they will help me out of this difficult time and will continue to do so years and years after being symptom-free.”

Finding The Emily Program was like finding a second home and family. This is a support network that will never give up on me and tries to help everyone, no matter what stage or eating disorder they may or may not be suffering from.”

The Emily Program is truly a holistic program and I can’t emphasize enough how amazing they are.”

At first, I was angry at the help that my counselors and nutritionists were giving me; however, that sense of genuine care and concern—as well as a sense of belonging to a community—kept me coming back. I could not be here today without the help I received from The Emily Program.”

The Emily Program has truly helped me heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I have a new lease on life after years of misery. Call today—you will be amazed that it took you as long as it did.”

Recovery is hard work, but my therapist, dietitian, and psychiatrist have made it the most rewarding experience of my life! There is always help. I am recovering after 15 years with bulimia. If I can do this, you can, too.”

Three years ago I was at the Anna Westin House. Today, I’m in a yoga teacher training program. Things are happening in my life now that I couldn’t have even imagined then. Words don’t do justice to the gratitude I have in my heart for your support–as well as all of the support I received from The Emily Program as a whole. If you see any other EP employees today I had worked with, can you share with them how grateful I am?”

The Emily Program staff never gave up and one day I was able to see a glimpse of what they saw. I started to trust. I opened up and felt the pain I was running away from. Now I can live. I can live a life without my eating disorder.”

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Today I need nothing more than a hug. Not your everyday kind of a hug, but an ‘I know your pain, love you, care and want to take your pain kind of hug.’ I fell off the train… but today in group you loved me… now I know I’m worth the hug.”

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Recovery is real. But it takes cooperation, hard work, and the support of a strong, professional team — and we got that at The Emily Program.”

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If you want treatment that lasts, from an understanding, compassionate, and knowledgeable team, then this is who you need on your side.”

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What I really needed was structure and support—I needed a place like The Emily Program.”

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This program has a very compassionate team of providers. They meet each client where they are and gently but firmly encourage openness and participation. The registered dietitian team is very insightful and is able to explain the ‘why’s and reasons for specific treatment ideas. The RD team has got to be the most unliked provider at an eating disorder treatment facility, but they all provide a lot of care and compassion, always encouraging and never shaming.”

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The staff is first class. If you are looking for experts in the field, this is the place to go.”

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Overall, these trained professionals are the best. They do all they can for the residents and families as well—from nutrition education to proven therapy to compassion and strong and unwavering dedication to keep our kids safe in their battle with a misunderstood and deadly illness. While not everything was perfect, we learned the tools necessary for when we were able to leave Durham. I have so much respect for all the staff and standards in the facility and would recommend should you need care for a loved one to not accept anything less than The Emily Program.”

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I was at The Emily Program in Atlanta for about 10 weeks. The environment is scary when you’re just walking into it. I had struggled with my ED for almost 5 years. I’m out of treatment now. I feel fully recovered and I’m expecting my first child. I have The Emily Program to thank for my recovery and freedom. I highly recommend The Emily Program 100%.”

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Everyone was so supportive of my recovery! Clients and staff alike welcomed me and did their best to help me (and each other) to improve and make progress in their recovery.”

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I’m very thankful for The Emily Program. My team helped me in ways I will be forever grateful for. What you put in is what you will get out… utilize your resources and support while you have it.”

Child, Adolescent, and Family Services Testimonials

Eating disorders affect the entire family. Read firsthand accounts from families and adolescents who have navigated the path to recovery with us, sharing their stories of support and healing. At The Emily Program, we’re dedicated to cultivating hope and understanding within the family unit, empowering young people and their loved ones to actively engage in the recovery journey. 

The emotional connections I have with my support people have been vital in helping me recover.”

Our family is more open — not just about food, but with feelings. It’s amazing to see how much everything has changed and how willing they are to say how they feel.”

Our daughter was in desperate need of expert care, and The Emily Program was where we landed. We are grateful for all of the help and support she received in both PHP and residential treatment. She did indeed receive expert care for which we will forever be grateful.

Sometimes, you feel like you’re doing the battle alone. Being with the other parents definitely made me feel more supported. There’s a whole bunch of other people going through the same thing with their kids.”

The Emily Program wrapped around my child and our family, supporting her as a whole person.

The Emily Program has helped me a lot mostly because I am a kid and usually these don’t make a whole lot of sense. Thank you again.”

Now I feel surrounded and protected and held – something I didn’t have for many years. It’s nice to have that, finally.”

Front office staff were incredibly helpful in getting us situated. They were all well-versed and provided answers to all our questions about treatment.
While in residential care, my daughter’s support team has held to my expectations for communication. Having a support team so intricately involved for all levels of care has been such a relief as we deal with this tough time in our lives.”

This disease is incredibly isolating and makes you question everything as a caregiver and parent. The Emily Program makes me feel like I am never alone.”

Thankful for this eating disorder resource in our area. They provide an evidence-based approach to diagnosis and treatment options. This mental health illness often requires a long journey to recovery, and the treatment teams have been key contributors to our knowledge and education about the illness… For any parent searching for help, this is a great place to start.”

The Emily Program is committed to helping our child. We have appreciated the excellent communication, as well as the extra help with things like school arrangements as we’ve needed it.”

We’re so happy to be here after another treatment center failed to help our child. The Emily Program is very structured and they do a fabulous job with children! The therapy is amazing and families are very involved in treatment. We came from out of state to be here and it was totally worth it.”

Our daughter was in The Emily Program’s program for seven months. She was in very poor health from her eating disorder when she arrived, and when she graduated from the program she was much healthier and more confident. She learned DBT skills and has come a long way in overcoming her eating disorder. The staff were kind and professional.”

The team was attentive and beyond patient, and really made every effort to work with my daughter. They were genuine and I felt an immediate trust with everyone on her team… These individuals truly wanted to help my daughter who has an extremely severe case of anorexia and anxiety with trusting others.”

The time our son spent at The Emily Program, under compassionate and professional care, was truly instrumental in saving his life and bringing healing to his body and ED.”

My wife and I have been at war with our daughter’s ED for years. She was admitted to The Emily Program Charlotte’s PHP program. Fast forward six weeks, and our daughter is a different person. She no longer stares vacantly at her plate, refusing to eat. She’s properly nourished and eats without prompting. The shine has returned to her eyes. It hasn’t been an easy road and we’ve had our setbacks. Thank you The Emily Program for helping us get our girl back!”

Excellent programming, therapists, and physicians. They are strong advocates for the client AND family. If you have a child that suffers from an eating disorder, I strongly recommend The Emily Program.”

First, I will say for anyone reading this review – I know why you’re reading it, and I’ve been there. I’m sending you my good vibes. What I am about to say is 100% from my heart and my absolute truth. Making the choice to send our daughter to Veritas was legitimately the hardest decision we have made as a family and that I have made in my life…

I say this without reservation – The Emily Program saved my daughter’s life. Does that mean that treatment isn’t hard and that it doesn’t take a toll? No. It’s incredibly hard. There may be times that you ask yourself throughout the process if you did the right thing. It’s uncomfortable and it’s difficult. It’s creating change in a situation that seems hopeless and that’s crushing at times.

My kiddo spent five weeks in treatment here, starting in May 2023. She was angry with me. It was difficult. She also made friends there that she still considers family. The support of the staff here is beyond exceptional, and together, with my daughter, they altered the path that she was on in a way that I didn’t believe was possible. She has learned things about herself, and we learned things about our family that I believe we never would have known otherwise.

Additionally, the medical team was able to catch a heart defect that she has had since birth, and as a result, we are getting resolved in the coming weeks.

They understand that not every person is the same and they work to create plans that result in the best outcomes for each circumstance.

She’s getting ready to start school. She’s a different kid. She’s stepped down to intensive outpatient now – and I will just say, it’s so good to have her back. Her ED put a cloud over who she is, and she’s coming back.

Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Also yes.

Love to you if you’re reading this. There is hope.”

Binge Eating/Compulsive Overeating Program Testimonials

The Emily Program’s CARE IOP is designed to address the specific needs of individuals grappling with binge eating disorder or OSFED with a pattern of binge eating or compulsive overeating. This specialized program provides a safe, responsive, and weight-inclusive environment that respects and honors each client’s lived experiences. The stories shared by our clients are powerful testaments to their resilience and the effectiveness of a dedicated program that fosters long-term recovery. 

I’ve suffered from an eating disorder all my life. The program gives me the opportunity to own the disease without shame, guilt, and self-loathing. I had those feelings when I came into the program a few years ago. I believe compulsive overeating is a disease of the mind as well as the body. The Emily Program works foremost on the mind, and physical recovery follows the change in the emotional and thought patterns. For me, it has been very slow. They are teaching me how to be patient and kind to myself. It took a lifetime for me to hit bottom. The healing journey will continue for the rest of my life, and for that I’m grateful.”

I would recommend The Emily Program. It is very holistic. It is very sound. It offers support in so many areas of life. My eating disorder has permeated all areas and I’ve been learning to do things that I never thought possible. For example, as a very large woman, I began taking a yoga and body image class, and it has opened doors for me to become more comfortable in my own body and interested in doing more self-care, because of the wonderful support from the therapist, instructor and members of the group. The program meets us ‘where we are.’ No two people are alike, and I’ve admired the creativity and integrity of the program. I’ve made friends here, and see how their treatment programs are different and similar to mine. The program works because it is based on patience and a willingness to change thinking in ways that lead to physical recovery.”

These testimonials reflect just a few of the many individuals who have found hope and healing with The Emily Program. If any of the experiences shared resonate with you or someone you love, we invite you to start your own journey to recovery. Take our eating disorder quiz, or call us at 888-364-5977 to learn how The Emily Program can support your path to healing. 

Get help. Find hope.