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For Myself – Eating Disorder Quiz

For Myself

Please answer the quiz questions honestly. All fields are required.

Do you worry about your weight and body shape more than other people?

Do you avoid certain foods for reasons other than allergies or religious reasons?

Are you often on a diet?

Do you feel your weight is an important aspect of your identity?

Are you fearful of gaining weight?

Do you often feel out of control when you eat?

Do you regularly eat what others may consider to be a large quantity of food at one time?

Do you regularly eat until feeling uncomfortably full?

Do you hide what you eat from others, or eat in secret?

Do you often feel fat?

Do you feel guilty or depressed after eating?

Do you ever make yourself vomit (throw up) after eating?

Do you use your insulin in ways not prescribed to manage your weight?

Do you take any medication or supplements to compensate for eating or to give yourself permission to eat?

Do you exercise for the sole purpose of weight control?

Have people expressed concern about your relationship with food or your body?

Get help. Find hope.