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Eating Disorder Treatment
in Duluth, Minnesota

Contact us about in-person and virtual eating disorder treatment options.

Virtual Outpatient & Day Treatment for Adults

At The Emily Program’s Duluth, MN, location we are dedicated to providing top-quality virtual eating disorder treatment. Our commitment is underscored by our CARF International accreditation, demonstrating our focus on transparency and the utmost satisfaction of those we serve.

Our treatment center in Duluth, MN, is highly esteemed, and nationally recognized for its personalized, compassionate approach to addressing the complexities of eating disorders. We offer virtual treatment options meticulously tailored to meet each client’s distinct needs. This includes specialized virtual outpatient & day treatment for adults.

Our approach to virtual treatment for adults in Duluth is grounded in evidence-based therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), nutrition counseling, group therapy, and various supportive activities. This comprehensive method ensures a holistic treatment experience addressing not just the physical symptoms but also the emotional, mental, and behavioral facets of eating disorders.

Our virtual outpatient treatment in Duluth, MN, emphasizes early intervention and the vital role of specialized care in the recovery from eating disorders. We invite you to begin with our eating disorder quiz. This initial step is valuable in answering the question “Do I have an eating disorder?” and gauging whether it’s time to seek professional assistance. Our devoted team stands ready to provide their expertise, compassion, and steadfast support on your path to recovery.

When you feel ready to take the next step, please contact us at 1-888-364-5977 to schedule a virtual assessment. We are unwavering in our commitment to serving as your support system, delivering the highest standard of care, and aiding you in regaining control of your life from the grip of an eating disorder.

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Eating disorder treatment services include:

  • Virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP) for adults
  • Virtual individual therapy
  • Virtual nutritional evaluation and counseling

Learn more about The Emily Program’s virtual intensive outpatient program.

If you or someone you know needs help with an eating disorder, reach out today.

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Eating disorders treated at our Duluth location

At The Emily Program’s Duluth location, our dedicated team of therapists, dietitians, and medical professionals are ready to guide you on your path to recovery. We craft personalized treatment plans for a wide spectrum of eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions, ensuring that your journey back to health is as unique as you are.

  • Anorexia Nervosa: Marked by an excessive fear of gaining weight and a severely distorted body image, leading to food restriction and a low body weight

  • Bulimia Nervosa: Involves eating objectively large amounts of food in a short period of time—often accompanied by feelings of guilt or shame—followed by purging behaviors to “get rid of” the food

At The Emily Program in Duluth, we recognize that disordered behaviors like compulsive overeating often accompany eating disorders such as bulimia and binge eating disorder. No matter your specific challenges, our team is committed to providing personalized care that addresses your needs and supports a lasting recovery.

Components of our Duluth treatment program

Group Psychotherapy:

In group sessions, you’ll join a circle of peers who truly comprehend your journey, offering a unique sense of solidarity and encouragement. Our dedicated therapists bring the best of evidence-based practices—CBT, DBT, and FBT—to guide you in unraveling the complexities of your eating disorder. Group therapy is a space to heal, learn, and grow, with the unwavering support of a community that understands what you’re going through.

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Family Therapy:

Family therapy is more than just support for you; it’s equipping your family or significant other to be strong allies in your recovery. Your loved one will gain critical insights into your eating disorder and learn effective ways to support you on your healing journey. We also provide support and resources to help your loved ones navigate this journey alongside you. 

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Nutrition Therapy:

At The Emily Program, our dietitians offer individualized nutrition counseling, education, and meal planning to meet your specific needs. This support interrupts disordered eating behaviors, restores your health, and helps you build trust in your body’s hunger and fullness cues. 

Medical Care:

While you focus on healing your relationship with food, our expert medical team at the Duluth outpatient center is available to address any physical concerns related to your eating disorder, ensuring your overall well-being. 

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Psychiatric Care:

We recognize that any co-occurring conditions, including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use disorder, and depression, need to be treated alongside your eating disorder for full recovery. We have psychiatrists on our care team to diagnose and manage these co-occurring conditions, including medication support if necessary.

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Experiential Activities:

During treatment at The Emily Program, you’ll participate in engaging activities such as cooking, grocery shopping, and dining in or out. These activities are designed to help you apply the coping strategies you’ve learned to real-life scenarios, equipping you with the skills and confidence needed to navigate your recovery in any situation. 

Additional Therapies:

At The Emily Program, we provide integrative approaches that complement traditional therapy, helping you process your thoughts and emotions and express yourself. These therapies might include:

  • Expressive Arts: Art-making can ease your anxiety, tackle body image concerns, and cultivate better coping skills. Expressive arts are particularly helpful for sharing, exploring, and reflecting on your emotions and experiences in creative ways. 
  • Movement Therapy: By incorporating yoga, stretching, and strength exercises into treatment, The Emily Program helps you mend the connection with your mind and body, a key element of recovery. Movement therapy also promotes body awareness and self-compassion, allowing you to experience your body in ways separate from food and weight concerns. 

Eating disorder recovery begins here. Get started today. 

Where to find us

26 East Superior St., Suite 315
Duluth, MN 55802
P: 1-888-364-5977 ext 1705
F: 651-348-3363
Toll-Free: 1-888-364-5977


Ramp and metered street parking are available.

Ramp details

The Technology Village Parking Ramp, located between the blocks of First Avenue East and Lake Avenue, has skyway access to The Emily Program Office in the Wieland Building. To reach our office via skyway:

  • Follow the St. Luke’s Clinic, P.S. Rudie signs in the Tech Village which will take you through the skyway over Superior Street into the Wieland Building.
  • Once you cross the skywalk, take a left.
  • Our office is at the end of the hallway: Ste. 315.

Street parking details

Pay-station parking is available on Superior Street. Park Duluth mobile app can be used to pay for parking spaces, and add additional time. Metered parking is available on 1st Ave. E., as well as Michigan St. (the street below and parallel to Superior St.). The Emily Program is located in the Wieland Building between Lake Avenue and First Avenue East on Superior Street. If parking on Superior Street, enter through the main doors under the number 26. If parking on Michigan Street, enter through the back door, under the blue awning. For either entrance, take the elevators or stairs to the 3rd floor. Keep taking a left off the elevator or stairwell. Our office is at the end of the hallway: Ste. 315.

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