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Becca Eckstein

Becca Eckstein


Senior Regional Director, Southeast
Accanto Health

Becca Eckstein (she/her) is the Southeast Senior Regional Director at Accanto Health, the parent company of The Emily Program and Gather Behavioral Health. In her role, she provides support to our southeast eating disorder treatment centers, all dedicated to offering evidence-based care for individuals with eating disorders and their families.

Previously, Becca served as the Executive Director of The Emily Program’s (formerly Veritas Collaborative) adult treatment center in Durham, NC from its inception until April 2022. Prior to that, she held the positions of Clinical Director and Associate Clinical Director at the first Veritas location, the Durham center for children and adolescents.

Becca is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, having earned her MSW in Social Work from New York University, and bachelor’s degrees in psychology and Violin Performance from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Her passion lies in problem-solving, creating effective and efficient systems, and merging her clinical expertise with operational aspects.

Becca’s experience helping individuals with eating disorders in various levels of care at The Emily Program (formerly Veritas Collaborative) and in Massachusetts, along with her training in FBT, ACT, CBT, and DBT, informs her evidence-based approach to treatment. She is passionate about empowering individuals to create a sustainable path to recovery that moves them in the direction of their values. She also firmly believes in treatment to outcome, to help ensure the best chance of a lasting recovery process for individuals and their loved ones. Becca specializes in family therapy and sees partners, parents, and other loved ones as essential advocates and allies in the treatment process.

Becca feels strongly that recovery occurs in community and loved ones need to be included in care, for validation, education, and support. It is the community that helps to provide the scaffolding for an individual with an eating disorder to sustain their recovery and live life more fully again. She has tremendous appreciation for our patients and their loved ones and commend their bravery in entering care, as well as their tenacity in working towards their values and doing (many) hard things. She loves this company and what we do, and thinks our ability and willingness to help others survive and thrive is truly a gift.

When Becca is not working at Accanto, she is raising a family of her own in Chapel Hill, NC. She has four children, two dogs, and a lovely husband who also helps others. A fact you may not know about her is that she is a proud New Yorker and will drive near and far for delicious bagels, baked goods, and pizza!

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