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Outreach Team

The Emily Program’s outreach team is dedicated to providing health care professionals and communities with information on eating disorders and services at The Emily Program. Want to learn more? Attend a continuing education opportunity, stop by an event or contact us today at outreach@emilyprogram.com.

Kelsey Ford Headshot

Kelsey Ford

Director of Outreach

Kelsey completed her undergrad degree in Health & Wellness Management from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and her MBA-HC from Concordia University-St. Paul. Kelsey comes to The Emily Program with several years of experience in mental health advocacy and awareness education. She is very passionate about challenging stigma, societal misconceptions, and systemic inequities around eating disorders so that more people are able to access quality services and care. Kelsey is thrilled to align this passion with the mission of Accanto Health in her role as the Director of Outreach.

Contact Kelsey at 651-645-5323 ext. 1630 or kelsey.ford@emilyprogram.com.

Krista Crotty headshot

Krista Crotty

Director of Clinical Outreach Education

Krista is the National Director of Brain-Based Therapies and the Director of Clinical Outreach Education. Clinically she draws from a variety of methods including TBT-S, EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, FBT, and acceptance and commitment therapy and often incorporates the use of the creative process in conjunction with the more traditional therapeutic process. She earned her Masters of Science from Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in family and pediatrics from Azusa Pacific University. She trained at Harbor UCLA medical center and Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in neuropsych. Away from work, Krista loves being a mom to her three boys, playing outside, going on adventures with her family, skiing, hiking, biking, and camping.

Katie Armstrong headshot

Katie Armstrong

Regional Outreach Manager, East

Katie began working at the front desk of the Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders (CCED) more than ten years ago, which provided a unique opportunity to observe both the clinical and business sides of eating disorder treatment. When CCED merged with The Emily Program, she was able to seamlessly transition to an outreach role. Katie graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Consumer Affairs. As a Regional Outreach Manager, Katie uses her experience and education to connect with professionals, community members, and other treatment facilities to provide awareness and information on the treatment of eating disorders.

Contact Katie at 216-765-0500 ext. 4221 or katie.armstrong@emilyprogram.com.

Kristin Dostal headshot

Kristin Dostal

Regional Outreach Manager, West

Kristin graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a degree in Healthcare Administration. Since then, Kristin has worked in the healthcare field and has developed a passion for building relationships, advocating for mental health, and connecting people with the right resources. Kristin has a background in community outreach and uses her experience to bring awareness to the continuum of care for treating eating disorders.

Contact Kristin at 651-645-5323 ext. 1611 or kristin.dostal@emilyprogram.com.

Hilmar Wagner headshot

Hilmar Wagner

Clinical Education Specialist

Hilmar Wagner is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN), licensed in Minnesota and Washington State. Hilmar joined The Emily Program in 2006, and currently serves as the Dietetic Internship Coordinator and a Clinical Education Specialist for Accanto Health. In these roles, he oversees dietetic intern experiences for both The Emily Program and Veritas Collaborative. As Clinical Education Specialist, Hilmar has presented on a wide range of eating disorder and related nutrition topics at local, regional, and national conferences. Hilmar received his bachelor’s degree in Nutrition/Dietetics and Master’s in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Minnesota. He has worked in the field of eating disorders for the past 15 years. Hilmar has extensive experience working with clients of all eating disorder diagnoses in both individual and group settings. He has a particular interest in mindfulness and body-centered approaches to eating disorder recovery.

Kelly Pertzsch

Kelly Pertzsch

Clinical Education Specialist

Kelly Pertzsch is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in the state of Minnesota. Kelly received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Richmond, the American International University in London and her Master’s in Counseling Psychology with a certificate in Eating Disorder Studies from Lewis and Clark College. She has treated eating disorders her entire career and has worked in community mental health, private practice, and a college counseling center. Kelly has a particular interest in the intersection of eating disorder treatment and social justice, as well as Health at Every Size.

Caley Willrich headshot

Caley Willrich

Professional Relations Specialist

Caley graduated from Carroll College with a degree in Communication and Public Relations, with a minor in Marketing. She comes to The Emily Program with years of experience in educating and connecting professionals in local communities with resources to better serve their clients. Caley sees mental health as an area that lacks understanding and community acceptance and uses her role to change the perception of this stigma. With the skills she brings to the table, in conjunction with her passion that no one should have to face personal battles alone, Caley’s focus is to bring greater awareness of The Emily Program to local communities.

Contact Caley at 509-847-4779 or caley.willrich@emilyprogram.com.

Lexus Hartley headshot

Lexus Hartley

Professional Relations Specialist

Lexus graduated from The Lake Washington Institute of Technology with a degree in Public Health specializing her studies in Community Education and Engagement, with a minor in Business. Her passion for helping others has led her to The Emily Program where her focus is spreading awareness of eating disorders and the compassionate care available to individuals within the community.

Contact Lexus at 206-488-7317 or lexus.hartley@emilyprogram.com.

Emily Lamb headshot

Emily Lamb

Professional Relations Specialist

Emily graduated from Carthage College on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan with a degree in Business and Marketing and a minor in Communications. She worked in healthcare sales promoting Fortune 100 brands and then took some time off to spend with her two kids. The mission of The Emily Program brought her back into healthcare where she hopes to connect more people with The Emily Program and increase awareness of eating disorders.

Contact Emily at 651-645-5323 ext. 2204 or emily.lamb@emilyprogram.com.

Caitlin Purk

Caitlin Purk

Professional Relations Specialist

Caitlin completed her undergraduate degree in Public Relations at Heidelberg University and her Master of Public Administration with a specialization in Global Health at The Ohio State University. Caitlin’s experience and passion for advocacy, outreach, and communications led her to The Emily Program. She believes that no person’s story should go unheard. Caitlin is excited to build relationships with professionals and the community while spreading awareness for eating disorders and individualized care. In her free time, Caitlin loves being outdoors and is an avid reader. 

Contact Caitlin at 888-364-5977 ext. 1656 or caitlin.purk@emilyprogram.com.

Christine Elkhoury

Christine Elkhoury

Professional Relations Manager

Christine is a Registered Dietitian, certified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She completed her education in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Administration at Northern Illinois University. She then completed a Dietetic Internship coordinated with a Master’s in Business Administration at Dominican University. As a clinician, she has over 13 years of experience treating eating disorders. Her passion to support clients led her to outreach, where she provides awareness and education to communities in hopes to increase access to best-practice care. She especially enjoys building relationships with professionals and sharing resources.

Contact Christine at 847-809-7398 or christine.elkhoury@accanto.com

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