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This collection of resources is designed to provide support for your learning experience during your stay.

Classroom Rules

Computers are provided to support your learning and for completing your assignments. They are primarily for schoolwork. However, teachers will make exceptions for other appropriate use if there are available computers.


In the Classroom (Z:) drive in a folder you create with your name.


VeriTunes is the approved music application for these computers. You can click on this media player from your desktop screen.


  • No email. On rare occasions, a student may only access email with an Education Coordinator present. You should not log into email without first asking permission from the Education Staff.
  • No Social Media.
  • No Shopping.
  • No videos (YouTube, etc.) unless specifically assigned/approved by Education Staff.
  • Be careful to only view appropriate websites.
  • Please do not log into Google Docs without permission.


  • The printers are provided for school work.
  • Please do not remove printed materials from the printer; ask a staff member to get them for you.


During school group programming (daytime), students are expected to use their time to complete school work. At times, you will be waiting for assignments from your school. When you do not have school work, you are expected to engage in approved enrichment activities.

  • Approved Activities: Appropriate Reading, Brainteasers, Sudoku, Word Mosaics, Jigsaw Puzzles, Coloring


During homework time (evenings), students are expected to use the time to work on school assignments. When no assignments are available, you may participate in enrichment and other approved activities.

  • Other Approved Activities for evenings: Appropriate Online Games

Foreign Language Resources

Websites for your Foreign Language assignments.


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Enrichment Resources

Websites for Enrichment activities available once you have completed your school work.

Online Open College Courses

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