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There’s Help. There’s Hope! The Emily Program is a warm and welcoming place where individuals and their families can find comprehensive treatment for eating disorders and related issues. This blog is a place for us to share the latest happenings at The Emily Program, as well as helpful tidbits from the broader eating disorder community. Subscribe via RSS to receive automatic updates. We want to hear your story. Email us ( and ask how you can become a contributor!

November 29, 2023

Staff Spotlight, Fiona Polzin

Tell us about yourself!

Hi, my name is Fiona (she/her), and I’m the Admissions Team Lead! I first started with The Emily Program in 2020 as a Behavioral Health Technician at one of our residential locations, and for the past two years, I have been part of the admissions team.

November 28, 2023

Supporting Students: School in Eating Disorder Treatment

The fear of slipping behind in school shouldn’t be a barrier to connecting with lifesaving eating disorder care. While this concern is common and valid, your child or patient’s health must come before any outside commitments or responsibilities—including their education. The good news? Prioritizing health does not have to adversely affect academic progress.

At The Emily Program, we are committed to helping our clients stay on track with school while getting the vital eating disorder support they need. The process of navigating your child’s education and treatment may feel like an impossible balancing act, but we are here to help.

November 14, 2023

When Fear Says “No,” You Can Say “Yes”

**Content warning: This is one person’s story; everyone will have unique experiences in recovery and beyond. Some stories may mention eating disorder thoughts, behaviors, and symptoms. Please use your discretion when reading and speak with your support system as needed.

Emma Gubitz (she/her) is a 22-year-old Canadian copywriter, a proud Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) graduate who now calls NYC home. She’s passionate about using stories to motivate others to overcome life’s challenges. Explore her advertising portfolio at and discover her desire to tell brand stories.

November 9, 2023

Where the River Flows: A Q&A with Author Rachel Havekost

**Content warning: This is one person’s story; everyone will have unique experiences in recovery and beyond. Some stories may mention eating disorder thoughts, behaviors, and symptoms. Please use your discretion when reading and speak with your support system as needed.

Rachel Havekost is the bestselling author of Where the River Flows, Write to Heal, and The Inner Child Journal. Along with her other titles, The Self-Healer’s Journal and The Grief Workbook, Rachel has single-handedly built an online social media presence with a combined 300k+ individuals devoted to de-stigmatizing mental health. 

Courage, community, and connection are at the heart of Rachel’s work. After 18 years of therapy for an eating disorder, depression, sexual trauma, suicide attempts, and divorce, Rachel strives to use radical transparency as a window into her mind and heart so that others might not feel alone. 

Her current work is centered in life after suffering: asking questions about embracing humanity, living with uncertainty, and allowing for ease after periods of strife. She is quickly amassing a readership on her Substack publication, “The Messy Middle,” where she writes weekly newsletters about living imperfectly and showing up messy.

Recently, Rachel has completed her master’s degree in psychology, attended Harvard’s first Mental Health Creators Summit, and was recently featured for her writing and advocacy in The New York Times. She is grateful and honored to be able to share her story and support others on their journey to joyful living.

November 6, 2023

Episode 88: Seeking Help for a Child’s Eating Disorder with Aronson Kagiliery

Episode description:

Aronson Kagiliery joins Peace Meal to share her family’s journey of finding the right eating disorder treatment for her teenage daughter with anorexia. After exploring local options, she shares, her family ultimately traveled to pursue care at Veritas Collaborative. Most helpful to Aronson’s experience at Veritas were parent programming and weekend sessions, which affirmed that her daughter’s eating disorder was not her fault. She then offers insight on prioritizing treatment above a child’s other commitments, as well as providing support outside of treatment by refusing to let the eating disorder rule.

Reflecting on her daughter’s treatment and recovery, Aronson reflects on the importance of self-care and attending to her own needs—something she wishes she had done more. She describes what gradual healing looked like for her daughter, including the signs she knew her daughter was getting better. In a particularly touching moment, Aronson recalls her daughter sharing that she has days where she doesn’t think once about her eating disorder, a reality they never imagined was possible. To close, Aronson graciously shares words of wisdom for other parents supporting a child with one of these illnesses.

November 2, 2023

8 Eating Disorder Recovery Tips for a Peaceful Holiday

The holiday season has officially arrived! With the festive spirit and cheer of the holidays often come stress and anxiety, especially for those in eating disorder recovery.

We hope that this season brings you connection with friends and family or time for reflection on growth or goal setting for the coming months or years. May these few recovery ideas help you successfully navigate this year’s holidays in recovery.

Get help. Find hope.