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June 22, 2018

What To Expect When You Call The Emily Program

What To Expect When You Call The Emily Program

Making that first call is tough. But we’re here for you, and we’re ready to help. The Emily Program’s admissions line is open when you’re ready to reach out–seven days a week, including Saturday and Sunday from 9AM-5PM. We interviewed one of our Admissions Specialists, Danielle Berg, to answer some questions about the admissions call so you know what to expect.

TEP: Why do people call the admissions line?

Danielle: People call the admissions line when they want to learn more about The Emily Program! Specifically, Admissions Specialists typically talk with callers who are requesting to start services, or callers who are returning clients looking to reinstate services. Our primary function is to help the caller begin their care journey here at The Emily Program.

TEP: When can potential clients call the admissions line?

Danielle: The Admissions phone lines are open seven days a week! The Admissions phone line hours are as follows: Monday through Thursday: 7:30am-6:30pm CST. Fridays: 7:30am –5pm CST. Saturdays and Sundays: 9am-5pm CST. YES! We’re available for calls on the weekends!

TEP: What information do people need prior to calling?

Danielle: If possible, call with your insurance card in hand. Sometimes callers think that they need to be formally referred by an outside provider prior to speaking with The Emily Program. This is not true! Although we’ll accept referral information, it is not required to have a referral made on your behalf prior to calling The Emily Program. We’re ready to talk when you are!

TEP: What should people expect when they call? Who answers the phone?

Danielle: When someone calls, an Admissions Specialist will explain what the intake appointment consists of. (Basically, at an intake appointment, a therapist will: 1. Determine whether or not an eating disorder is occurring 2. If an eating disorder is present, provide a diagnosis 3. Provide a recommendation for treatment.)

Once the intake appointment is explained, we’ll ask the caller a little bit about themselves: contact information, insurance information, etc. Next, we’ll ask a list of questions specific to the caller’s current food concerns. We’re collecting information that the intake therapist will then read as a way to get to know the caller a bit prior to the appointment.

Once we’ve gathered all necessary information, we’ll be able to schedule the intake assessment. Care is never forced. The Emily Program is not a locked facility. If the client chooses to seek treatment, the intake therapist will explain next steps during the intake appointment.

We fully understand that calling us might not be easy (to say the least). Our Admissions team is a compassionate group. We fully acknowledge that it takes a strong person to say, “Hey, I need help and I’m ready to talk.” There is no judgment. When someone calls we’ll listen, offer support, and obtain the caller’s information allowing a first appointment to be scheduled.

We work to answer calls as quickly as possible; however, it is possible that when you call our lines might be busy assisting others. If you leave a voicemail, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible! Call length can vary, but we recommend allowing at least 15 minutes for the call to take place. We also recommend calling from a place that offers you some privacy (if privacy is important to you).

TEP: What usually happens after people call?

Danielle: After the appointment is booked, it’s highly recommend that the client contact their insurance company. It’s up to the client to understand their financial responsibility. Insurance can be tricky, we understand that. Admissions recommends that callers use the Insurance tab on our website for help! 

TEP: Why weekend hours? What’s the benefit?

Danielle: We understand that the act of calling Admissions is a courageous one and that you can be ready at any point! We offer weekend phone availability as a way to increase access to care. You can even call with your slippers on! We’ll be ready to talk when you are.

Ready to start your journey to recovery? Want to reach out on behalf of a patient or a loved one? Give us a call today at 1-888-364-5977 or fill out our web form here.

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