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January 4, 2023

Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment at The Emily Program

Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment at The Emily Program

Making quality eating disorder care more accessible is core to The Emily Program’s mission. Given the diversity of individual and family needs, we recognize that no one delivery approach is optimal for all clients. Our virtual programming addresses geographical and psychosocial treatment barriers, allowing those with an eating disorder to engage in treatment where it works best for them. With our online eating disorder treatment capabilities, our standard evidence-based care is both convenient and effective.

Our virtual programming options include our partial hospitalization programs (PHP)/intensive day programs (IDP)intensive outpatient programs (IOP)CARE IOP programs for binge eating, and outpatient sessions. Availability varies by location, age, and specific program; virtual treatment across state lines also has limitations. For information on current availability, please contact our Admissions Team at 1-888-364-5977.

What Are the Components of Virtual IDP/PHP and IOP?

Our virtual care provides multidisciplinary therapeutic intervention and peer support, while also offering an opportunity for self-accountability and recovery-focused skill development at home. As with our in-person intensive treatment, virtual IDP/PHP and IOP at The Emily Program include individual, group, and family therapy; therapeutic meal support; nutritional counseling; psychiatry sessions; and medical appointments, as appropriate.

In line with our commitment to respect the individuality of all of our clients across all levels and types of care, our virtual care treatment plans are personalized to fit each client’s specific needs.


Upon admission, new clients will complete an orientation where they will be introduced to the program schedule and curriculum, as well as receive detailed instructions on how to access virtual treatment services. Orientation staff will ensure clients have internet access; for those without proper equipment (i.e., a computer, tablet, or cell phone with a camera and microphone) or a stable connection, The Emily Program can provide internet and/or a device to use on-site to participate in virtual programming. Clients will be provided with a secure login to join virtual sessions. 

Our clients’ privacy and safety are important to us, so we ask that clients access virtual services from a private, immobile environment. When support people such as family members are involved in treatment, they are asked to safeguard confidentiality by keeping private anything they may see or hear.

Therapeutic Groups

Virtual programming provides a safe, judgment-free environment for participants to speak openly about their eating disorder experiences and challenges while experiencing the support of their peers and specially trained professionals. Through the process of sharing, group therapy can foster community building, self-understanding, and healing. These virtual therapeutic groups create extensive opportunities for deeper connection, assuaging any concerns one might have about remote communication.

Medical Treatment

As in traditional programming, our multidisciplinary care teams of therapists, dietitians, and medical and psychiatry providers will regularly assess medical and safety needs to ensure clients are receiving the appropriate level of care. Clients will continue to have medical assessments and follow-up appointments in person at The Emily Program, via virtual treatment, or with a local primary care provider, as needed.

Meal Coaching and Support

Our virtual therapeutic-supported meals engage the client, clinician, and the client’s treatment peers. These meals allow clients to increase their awareness of table behaviors, explore their eating patterns, and assess their overall relationship with food. Experiences throughout a meal can and will vary; clinicians will respond to individual challenges surrounding meal and snack times. Prepping meals in their own kitchen gives clients the valuable opportunity to practice skills in the environment where they will be recovering.

Multifamily and Community of Support Programming

Every family’s needs and situations are different, and virtual programming can involve multiple family members or support people. Family sessions take place via virtual therapy, where long-standing communication patterns between family members are explored and improved. These family and multifamily virtual sessions also provide awareness of common issues along with effective support strategies, ultimately helping the individual with the eating disorder to recover and work toward a successful transition to the next level of care.

Get Started

Our virtual care is designed to provide the comprehensive evidence-based insight and skills necessary to promote lasting recovery. If virtual treatment sounds like the right choice for you or your loved one, take the first step by contacting us today. If you find yourself unsure whether virtual or in-person care is right for you, our team is happy to assist you in navigating that decision. We are here to guide you through our standard eating disorder assessment, walk you through our admissions process, and provide answers to any questions about insurance coverage. Get started today.

To learn more about our virtual programming, click here. For information about our current availability or to start the process, contact us at 1-888-364-5977.

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