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September 29, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Stacy Mettner, Office Manager

Staff Spotlight: Stacy Mettner, Office Manager

Stacy joined The Emily Program as office manager in the summer of 2012. It was a natural fit for her because she enjoys helping others and wanted a position where she could be a part of something meaningful every day.

Today, she spends her days navigating the ins and outs of the physical space, while also meeting the needs of the people within it.

“I love answering questions and problem-solving with anyone who needs assistance,” Stacy said. “Utilizing my resourcefulness to the best of my ability is a fun challenge!”

The other important aspect of her position is to ensure clients feel welcomed, accepted, and important. She prides herself on being a welcoming presence when clients first step through the doors so they understand The Emily Program is a safe space.

“I’m often the first face clients see, so I know I play a role in their first impression of The Emily Program, which is hopefully the beginning of a series of positive differences they will experience throughout their time here,” she said. “I think one measure of knowing I’m making a beneficial, lasting impact on others is hearing clients tell me they are thankful for what I do, and how I’ve been an important part of their care.”

Learn more about Stacy and why we think she stands out!

TEP: What makes you want to get up in the morning and come to work?

Stacy: The people — and the coffee — but mostly the people! Ha! The relationships I cultivate each day and the role I play in being a part of our clients’ treatment is what I look forward to most.

I love what I do and am so blessed to be on a team that encourages me to “be my best me.” The support of my TEP team is invaluable and, in turn, helps me encourage others to be their best selves, as well. This camaraderie is an essential ingredient in making meaningful connections and positive differences in the lives of our clients, as well as one another.

TEP: What advice can you offer new clients?

Stacy: Communication is a really important part of getting the care you need. If the appointment times aren’t working for you, or you feel your needs aren’t being met in some way, please let us know and we will try to do what we can to accommodate you. You won’t offend us for telling us your concerns. We care about you and your recovery!

TEP: Any Halloween traditions?

Stacy: I’m always impressed by the different, creative costumes people come up with, though it’s certainly not my forte. The banana suit I’ve borrowed for the past three years from a co-worker may need to be worn again… I suppose that’s my one consistent tradition!

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