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December 1, 2022

Staff Spotlight, Lacey Fischer

Staff Spotlight, Lacey Fischer

Tell us about yourself!

Hello! My name is Lacey Fischer, I am a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at the Anna Westin House in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

I’ve been a nurse since 2004 and previously worked in a clinical family practice in a small rural town alongside one of the area’s busiest and most well-known providers until his retirement. (Fun fact: the doctor I worked with delivered me when I was born! I always joked, “Well, somebody had to grow up and be your boss!” He loved telling that story as much as I did. We are still good friends to this day.) 

What is your favorite thing about being a nurse? 

One of my favorite things about working as a nurse in a small town was building a rapport with my patients, seeing them often, and caring for them throughout the years. I positively loved it and will forever cherish those memories! Now working in a residential setting, I love that I have a similar opportunity to build a rapport with residents, as well as care for and support them for the duration of their stay. It is extremely rewarding and I consider it an immense privilege to be an ally on their recovery journey! 

What drew you to working with people with eating disorders? 

Recovering from an eating disorder myself sparked my passion for working with individuals fighting for their own recovery. I have great compassion and empathy for what these incredible humans are enduring. I understand how past traumas and comorbidities also add to the complexity of recovery. I truly believe that each and every person is worthy and capable of recovery, and I’m thrilled to be here to support them in any way I can! 

If you could do another job just for a day, what would it be? 

Anyone else grow up watching The Kratt Brothers or Zoboomafoo on PBS? If I could, I would love to be them for a day—an adventurer traveling the world learning about and interacting with amazing animals! 

What do you like about working part-time?

I work part-time to support my full-time passion: Bible education. I volunteer on my days off to help individuals learn about the Bible and how to personally benefit from its content. 

When I’m not preaching and teaching, you can find me cuddled up with or playing with my favorite fur baby, my eight-year-old English Bulldog Rory. She is the cutest! You can also find me spending time with my favorite human, my husband! 

Where is your favorite vacation destination? 

Anywhere warm and by the ocean! Born and raised in Minnesota, I am truly convinced I am meant to live on an island somewhere. Send me to the beach or to snorkel in the ocean. Staring at palm trees and smelling ocean air with my husband by my side does my soul good! 

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 

I graduated nursing school at the age of 17 so my college instructors had to call the Board of Nursing to see if they could license me under the age of 18. Thankfully they did!  

Okay, one more thing… I confess, I also have a secret love for cheesy punk rock music. 

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