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November 27, 2018

Staff Spotlight: Emily DuBord, Registered Nurse

Staff Spotlight: Emily DuBord, Registered Nurse

Emily DuBord is a Registered Nurse at The Emily Program. When she is not working at the Anna Westin House, she loves hanging out with animals, being outside, and reading.

The Emily Program: Tell us about yourself!

Emily: Hello Everyone! My name is Emily DuBord and I have been a registered nurse at the Anna Westin House for just shy of 2 years.  I am an avid animal lover and own a small hobby farm.  My pride and joy is my sassy pet pig, Oliver.  Oliver has many siblings at the farm including two very brave and loving Great Pyrenees pups who keep him and his siblings safe, 2 goats–one of which is a fainting goat–4 ducks, 6 chickens, and 3 cats.  Many women in my family are registered nurses and I am so grateful to have had the opportunities that I did that allowed me to be able to follow in their footsteps.  I am passionate about nursing and believe it shows in the work that I do. I also love to read, bike, kayak, boat, have bonfires, trap shoot in my backyard, and be outside.

The Emily Program: Why did you choose to work for The Emily Program?

Emily: I feel like The Emily Program chose me.  When I was around 14 years old I was leaving the market with my Mom and saw an Emily Program location across the street.  At 14 I was perplexed that there was an establishment that had been named after me.  Upon returning home I hopped on the dial-up and did some research.  I was instantly fascinated by the organization and the work they did.  I was blown away that there was such a large need for a place like this.  I knew instantly that this was where I wanted to be. I wanted to be a part of the work that was being done there and I wanted to make a difference. When I graduated from nursing school it was the first place I applied.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my dream of being a part of this amazing team and the work we do. My employment and position as a registered nurse at The Emily Program has far exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with where I am at.

The Emily Program: As a nurse, where do you come into a client’s treatment and what is your role in their recovery?

Emily: The nurses are the point people for the care and assessment of clients’ physical complaints.  We provide instruction, counseling, and education around the treatment of illness, physical ailments, and medication education.  We also assist our amazing physicians—Dr. Scott Crow and Dr. Mary Bretzman with the processing of new orders, lab draws, and exchanging information around each resident’s health and care.  Our role is to help clients reach their optimal state of health whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally. Working in residential allows us to build relationships with our clients and our role often includes a great deal of therapeutic communication, which is definitely one of my favorite parts of the job!  I try to keep in mind that while our clients are in residential, this is their home and I want to make them feel as comfortable and safe in their surroundings as possible, which takes a lot of teamwork from our staff. Whether it be helping with housekeeping duties such as dishes and cleaning, to taking residents on outings to promote normalcy and practice exposure. One of my favorite memories was taking the residents to see fireworks last 4th of July.   

The Emily Program: What is one thing you would tell individuals who are considering treatment?

Emily: This may sound a bit cliché but I would want them to know that they are not alone.  Eating disorders come with a great deal of isolation, loneliness, and shame and they don’t have to fight this illness alone anymore. I would share with them that recovery is possible–it’s not easy, but it is worth it.

The Emily Program: What is one thing you would tell parents whose children are in treatment?

Emily: I would commend them for making the difficult step to pursue treatment for their child.  I primarily work with adults and something I have learned is that many times eating disorders manifest during adolescence. By making the difficult choice to enter your child into treatment you are allowing them to develop the skills they need to stop the progression of their eating disorder before it advances into adulthood with them, and that is an amazing thing you can do for them, so bravo!

The Emily Program: What is your favorite winter activity?

Emily: I learned to ice skate last winter and I love it. Can’t wait to get back out on my blades!

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