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December 11, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Hargis, Clinical Admissions Specialist

Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Hargis, Clinical Admissions Specialist

Elizabeth joined The Emily Program in January of last year as a nurse before recently transitioning into her new role as our clinical admissions specialist. Prior to The Emily Program, she served as an ER nurse at a local hospital but was looking for something a little different.

“I joined The Emily Program because I love the field of mental health,” she said. “The Emily Program attracted me because the organization is unique compared to other mental health experiences I’ve had, including the ER. I love that The Emily Program is completely voluntary… and I was intrigued that the residential facilities have a home-like environment, which I find to be much more therapeutic than a cold, sterile, hospital-like setting.”

Today, Elizabeth is busy getting clients into programming as quickly and seamlessly as possible. A big part of her role is addressing any challenges that may arise and breaking down barriers that could prevent clients from receiving the care they need.

She spends her days performing phone intakes with clients to determine their level of care, working through the logistics for admission, discussing insurance coverage with clients, and even booking flights for those who need transportation assistance.

Elizabeth received her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Western Governors University.

Learn more about Elizabeth and why we think she stands out!

TEP: What can clients expect from direct admission?

Elizabeth: One thing that’s beneficial about the direct admissions process is that I am the main point of contact for clients. They can always expect to communicate with me in regards to their questions, concerns, and next steps, rather than having to talk to a different person each time. It avoids confusion and reduces stress on the client. Although I don’t meet with clients face-to-face, it is amazing what amount of work can be accomplished simply with conversations over the phone. It is these conversations that get a client all the way from Texas to walking through The Emily Program’s doors.

TEP: What’s the most common question from clients?

Elizabeth: “Do you have a minute?” This role keeps me busy and I am almost always on the phone, but when a client or colleague asks this question, my response is always “Yes!” No matter how busy I am, I always make time for questions or concerns from anyone.

TEP: What advice can you offer clients this holiday?

Elizabeth: Holiday season or otherwise, The Emily Program is always here to support you.

Get help. Find hope.