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June 7, 2018

Staff Spotlight: Doug Foote, COO

Staff Spotlight: Doug Foote, COO

Veteran healthcare executive Doug Foote joined The Emily Program in early May as our Chief Operating Officer. In this newly created leadership role, Doug has direct accountability for business operations, information technology, and change management.

Doug’s appointment is part of The Emily Program’s ongoing commitment to maintaining strong clinical and business processes, contributing a high standard of care, and ensuring a positive client experience across programs.

Prior to The Emily Program, Doug, his wife Denise, and their five sons lived in Florida. While there, Doug worked as the COO for Community Health Solutions of America. Doug’s oldest son just graduated from the University of Minnesota –Duluth and his youngest recently turned thirteen.

We caught up with Doug and asked him to share a little bit about himself.

TEP: What came first, this job opportunity or the desire to move to Minnesota?

Doug: This job, definitely. But, we love Minnesota. Our kids were born and raised here and we lived here 20 years before we moved. Minnesota is where we want to grow old.

TEP: What interested you the most about working for The Emily Program?

Doug: A primary reason I joined this company is because we have a CEO (Dave Willcutts) of integrity and vast healthcare experience. Dave is a former mentor of mine and is an advocate for patient care. I joined The Emily Program because of the nobility of the cause and the ability to help an underserved population. We have so many opportunities in our careers, and there are so many great opportunities in the Twin Cities, but to be able to serve and help an underserved population. There aren’t that many chances that come by like that. I wanted a purpose-filled career. I hadn’t known the statistics about eating disorders, and they blew my mind. The number of deaths and the ER visits, how can we find that acceptable? We have such a great opportunity not only to improve the quality of lives but to save lives. How do you beat that? No matter what role you’re in at The Emily Program, you are helping to save lives.

TEP: What’s your favorite summer activity?

Doug: Swimming in the lake with my family.

TEP: Top talent?

Doug: Playing foursquare with my kids. It’s epic! We get very competitive, I’ve even got chalk and a ball in my trunk.

TEP: Final question, what’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

Doug: I am on IMDb as a martial arts villain in a B-grade movie. I studied Kung-Fu for several years and they needed extras in this movie.

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