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August 9, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Dee Myers, Therapist

Staff Spotlight: Dee Myers, Therapist

Dee joined The Emily Program team at the opening of the Spokane location in the summer of 2013. She was thrilled to see this type of eating disorder treatment resource right in her town. She spent more than 15 years in private practice specializing in eating disorders but longed to work for a treatment center.

Dee was heavily involved in developing and running the local nonprofit, Inland Northwest Coalition on Eating Disorders, which was instrumental in bringing The Emily Program to the area.

“Being allowed to participate in that vulnerable journey with someone has been my life’s passion,” she said. “I have dedicated my life to helping others love and accept themselves.”

Today, Dee is a mental health therapist, as well as the program coordinator for the adult anorexia and bulimia programs in Spokane. She spends her days meeting with clients individually, running process and skills groups, and completing case management for clients involved in those programs. She helps ensure the program runs smoothly each day.

She graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology.

Learn more about Dee and why we think she stands out!

TEP: What can clients expect during a therapy session with you?

Dee: Clients can expect a caring and compassionate therapist who will push and guide them toward making change in their lives. I am not a quiet therapist. I ask a lot of questions and work to engage my clients in the therapy process.

TEP: What have you taught clients about food/eating?

Dee: I feel I am an excellent role model for all foods fit, and that regular, moderate activity and eating lots of yummy foods lead to balance in one’s life. Also, we can love ourselves AND love food!

TEP: Most interesting fact about yourself?

Dee: I have specialized in eating disorder treatment from the very first day I became a therapist. That means more than 20 years!

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