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March 7, 2018

Staff Spotlight: Cameron Green, Program Coordinator

Staff Spotlight: Cameron Green, Program Coordinator

Cameron joined The Emily Program in December of 2016 as a therapist and was later named Program Coordinator at St. Louis Park, MN. He had dreamed of working in eating disorders since studying them in undergrad so TEP was a natural fit.

As a program coordinator, Cameron can be found communicating with individual therapists on any major changes to clients’ discharge plans or addressing clinical crises that arise for clients during programming.

In addition, he facilitates skills groups, coordinates step-down or discharge plans for clients, and provides, along with other program providers, weekly case management consultation meetings with clients.

“It is my hope clients walk away from our programs with a better relationship with food, a stronger understanding of coping skills they can implement, and more confidence to follow through on future goals,” he said.

In 2013, Cameron graduated from the University of St. Thomas’ joint clinical social work program with a Master’s in Social Work.

Learn more about Cameron and why we think he stands out!

TEP: What advice can you offer new clients?

Cameron: I always recommend to clients starting out in the program that they are open to the possibility that all parts of it will add some value to them, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. I also remind clients to be open to the process of recovery, since a lot of days it can feel overwhelming or daunting.

TEP: How do you motivate clients?

Cameron: Our program staff does a great job of trying to engage clients in various areas of our program or find glimmers of hope/motivation in daily life. At times we do this by building rapport with clients and strengthening their trust in the program, finding individual ways to engage clients in group activities, and meeting clients where they are in their recovery stage.

TEP: Any upcoming vacations planned?

Cameron: I have a trip to Austin, Texas, planned for the end of this month, which I am pretty jazzed about.

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