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November 30, 2020

Staff Spotlight, Antoinette Johnson

Staff Spotlight, Antoinette Johnson

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Antoinette Johnson, and I have been the Office Manager at The Emily Program – Cleveland Outpatient treatment center since 2015. My husband Curtis and I have been together for 32 years and have two wonderful sons—CJ, 29, and Alex, 21. We have a sweet beagle, Hailey—she’s 6 years young!

What do you like most about your job?

It is rewarding to be a part of a group of staff that truly believes in working as a team to help clients in their individual recovery journeys. We have such a wonderful group of clinicians and administrative staff that collaborates seamlessly in the coordination of client care. To oversee these efforts and assist in ensuring everyone knows they play an essential role in the organization as a whole is just as important as the care we provide to our client base. I look forward to returning to all of the onsite activities that I coordinate for our location, which is a really worthwhile way for everyone to connect and decompress from daily stressors.

What do you like to do when you are not working? 

My first love is spending time with my husband and our two adult sons. Anyone that knows me also knows that I am obsessed with any and everything that involves interior and exterior home improvement and décor! We create our own art, wood carvings and some furniture pieces, and I’ve done everything from hauling river rocks and mulch to designing beautiful rooms from beginning to end… from floor installations, painting walls, hanging lights… to the final step in making the decision of the final throw pillow… until it’s time to change it again!

How are you managing the COVID-19 situation? 

It has been a huge adjustment for everyone, but I have honestly taken this time to reflect on being grateful for what we have, opposed to focusing on the restrictions that this pandemic has placed on all of us. I try to find solace in music or resting my mind from the constant “rush” of everything. There are some really good meditation videos out there!

I try to look at the positives. Going out for date nights aren’t a thing right now, but—on the bright side—we’re saving a ton of money and still spending time together! We can’t really sit and visit with our elderly parents, but trying to get them to download Zoom and telling them they don’t have to talk so loud when they finally do see us makes for a good laugh! I’ve also been doing a lot more talking on the phone, checking in with friends and loved ones so that the human connection doesn’t get totally lost. This has been a year we’ll never forget!

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