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January 29, 2019

Staff Spotlight, Anna Roth

Staff Spotlight, Anna Roth

TEP: Tell us about yourself!

Anna: Hello! My name is Anna Roth and I am a licensed psychologist and Intake Therapist at the East Metro location in Minnesota. I started with TEP in Seattle a few years ago and missed both the clients and the community of providers so I am happily back. Outside of work I can be found at a dog park with my rescue pup Rumi or trying a new restaurant with friends :). 

TEP: What does an Intake Therapist do?

Anna: In short, it’s our job to complete a thorough and compassionate assessment of a client based on many factors to determine what level of care they need to best address their symptoms. More than anything though, I think it’s our job to inspire the belief that recovery is possible whether it’s someone’s first time seeking help or their 20th. 

TEP: What are some common concerns that folks have before choosing to start treatment?

Anna: So many people that come in for an intake question the legitimacy of their need for help due to their weight or their eating concerns not fitting into a clear and extreme eating disorder stereotype. Because of this many people wait years, decades even before getting help. In my experience, how someone’s eating disorder looks is very individual.  A key factor is mental pre-occupation- how much of one’s life and mental space is consumed by thoughts of food, weight, and shape. In addition to wondering if their concern is legitimate, a couple of other concerns are logistics (what will insurance cover, how will I get time off of work, etc.) and the unknowns of where treatment will take them.

TEP: You consider yourself to be a holistic psychologist, what does that mean?

Anna: Good question. It’s not a technical title, more of a descriptive term to cue people into the way I view and approach mental health.  To me working holistically means to look at all sides of a concern or mental health problem and strategically intervene at as many points as possible as gently as possible. I’m also a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher so the mind-body connection is something I regard highly as well. 

TEP: What are you most looking forward to this year?

Anna: I am really looking forward to investing time and energy into building some hobbies! For the past 10 years, my life has been all about graduate school and clinical training. I want to learn Italian, cribbage, and become a better cook. Excited for more balance and fun :).

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