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September 20, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Amy Patefield, Clinical Nutrition Manager

Staff Spotlight: Amy Patefield, Clinical Nutrition Manager

Amy Patefield joined The Emily Program in the fall of 2004. Previously, she worked in a hospital setting, but decided to take the leap to a smaller agency — The Emily Program only had 25 total employees at the time — and has never looked back.

“It was a huge change for my career,” she said. “My professional passion is providing nutrition therapy and I loved the idea of having long-term relationships with my clients, which I didn’t have in a hospital setting.”

Today, Amy spends her days participating in outpatient programming by running therapeutic meals and leading nutrition groups, as well as providing nutrition counseling to outpatient clients. In addition, she manages The Emily Program’s nutrition staff and oversees food service.

Amy graduated from the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota with a Bachelor’s of Dietetics.

Learn more about Amy and why we think she stands out!

TEP: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Amy: I love working with new members of my staff to develop them into great eating disorder clinicians. I also enjoy working with outpatient clients and watching the progress they make through their own awareness and openness.

TEP: What have clients taught you about food/eating?

Amy: It’s complicated because there are so many moving parts that go into feeding oneself. When everything’s in alignment, it’s an effortless task for many, but when body image, weight fears, emotional turmoil, history of dieting, anxiety or other issues come into the relationship with food, eating becomes very complicated.

I love being on the journey with clients to uncouple this entanglement and find peace with food and eating.

TEP: Favorite fall activity?

Amy: Going camping and spending time at the lake with my family.

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