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April 14, 2017

Reflections on Opening Our New Residential Treatment Center

Reflections on Opening Our New Residential Treatment Center

by Monique DesChane, Site Director – Seattle Residential

Nestled in the quiet Fremont neighborhood along the shore of the famous Lake Washington Ship Canal is our new Seattle Residential Treatment Center—open for business!

Three weeks ago, 27 individuals came together to begin the journey of offering quality care to our eating disorder clients with the most severe or acute conditions. They are a dedicated group of nurses, therapists, doctors, dietitians, case managers, techs, psychiatrists and administrative staff, all eager to offer support and healing. So eager in fact that they were willing to endure weeks of non-stop training, including hours of lectures, mock meals, and the most challenging of all, a mock milieu. Over and over we heard phrases like “this is the best training I have ever received” or “I had no idea what to expect and now I feel prepared” or “this is hard work.” Mind you this was all pre-opening! We were hopeful they would all show up the opening week and show up they did.

Our first two days after opening was a flurry of admits and our training was put to good use. A client was struggling during our first meal and it was amazing to watch as the team stepped in and knew exactly what to do. As clients continue to arrive and our schedules become busier, developing a routine that promotes symptom interruption, a sense of community and safety has become paramount. Just a few minutes ago I overheard a client say “They are tough on the eating disorder but not on me, I feel safe and supported here.” There are no better words to hear when you have just opened a new treatment center—our clients are experiencing hope and healing. While we may be a new treatment center, we are not new to treatment. I’m so glad to see our clients benefiting from a well-trained, committed, and enthusiastic team willing to give their all in support of eating disorder recovery.

Learn more about our Seattle Residential Treatment Center here.

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