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October 9, 2019

Parents Discuss their Experience with The Emily Program

Parents Discuss their Experience with The Emily Program

Having a child with an eating disorder can be a terrifying time. You may feel confused, sad, angry, and not sure where to turn. At The Emily Program, we understand. And we’re here to help. We promise to provide each and every child with an opportunity to recover from their eating disorder. We strive to repair health—and relationships. Still unsure about starting your child in treatment? Read testimonials from Emily Program parents below.

“Sometimes, you feel like you’re doing the battle alone. Being with other parents definitely made me feel more supported. There’s a whole bunch of other people going through the same thing.”

“Our family is more open (after attending The Emily Program)—not just about food, but with feelings. It’s amazing to see how much everything has changed and how willing they are to say how they feel.”

“I have learned so much about the biological part of this disorder and many ways in which I can help.”

“It’s been so hard to understand [my child’s] problems and this really helped! I think it has also made it easier for her to share information about what she is going through.”

“I [now] know what [my daughter] needs in order to be successful and how I can help her with that.”

“[My daughter] has only been in the program for two months but I see changes in her already. So it’s nice to know I still have hope.”

The Emily Program provides exceptional, individualized care leading to recovery from eating disorders. Not sure if The Emily Program is right for you? Reach out to us at 1-888-364-5977 and we would be happy to discuss your wants, needs, and concerns.

Get help. Find hope.