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December 3, 2018

Make Insurance Work for You!

Make Insurance Work for You!

Understanding and choosing health insurance options is often a complicated and confusing process. We understand that navigating options during open enrollment can be complex, so here are some tips for choosing the insurance plan that best suits your needs.

  1. Know when your open enrollment period begins and ends. While the exact time for open enrollment varies at workplaces, it most often is a 30-day period in the fall or winter.
  2. Enroll on time for state health exchanges. For state health exchanges, open enrollment is currently happening and will end on December 15th. You can learn more about enrollment or apply here.
  3. Think critically about your health insurance needs. Write out a list of any expected health needs (visits, surgeries, medications, treatment, etc.) you may have in the next year. Highlight your healthcare priorities and make sure to choose a plan that comprehensively covers the health care you anticipate needing in the following year.
  4. Re-evaluate your previous plan. Were you able to receive care easily or did you find yourself limited by your insurance network? Did you face any particular challenges due to your insurance? If you found that your previous plan worked well for you and don’t have a reason to switch plans, stick with your current insurance plan.
  5. Understand your current insurance options. Learn about each plan available to you and compare them with your health insurance needs. Which plan will provide you the most coverage for the care you need?
  6. Consider starting a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA). Each of these health funds allow you to designate tax-free money to set aside and use for various medical expenses, including medications and copays. If you already have an FSA or HSA and you are unable to rollover your funds, find ways to spend that money on qualifying health expenses before it expires at the end of your benefit period. If you are unsure of what services your FSA or HAS covers, visit your insurance providers website or call them to receive a list of eligible expenses.
  7. Think about starting treatment! If you have been considering eating disorder treatment, now may be the ideal time to take the first step, especially if you have already reached your health insurance deductible.

The Emily Program website also offers helpful tools when considering insurance coverage options. You can learn about basic health care terms and definitions and read the answers to frequently asked health care questions. If you are considering treatment at The Emily Program and want to ensure that your health insurance is a current provider with us, you can see which insurances we accept here. If you are unsure what your insurance provider will cover, we suggest reading more about advocating for and understanding benefits.

As always, we encourage you to put your health first! One easy way to do this is to choose the insurance plan that best suits your needs. While it may be time-consuming to research and understand insurance options offered to you, it will allow you to receive the best health care that is available to you. If you are interested in starting treatment with The Emily Program, you can start the admissions process by calling 1-888-364-5977.

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