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May 12, 2020

Introducing Recovery Club

Introducing Recovery Club

The Emily Program has a new group therapy option for Minnesota adolescents! This new group, “Recovery Club,” is open to clients aged 10 to 18 who are receiving outpatient care at our St. Paul, East Metro, and St. Louis Park, Minnesota sites. The one-hour session takes place every Tuesday afternoon via Virtual Treatment and will ultimately be held in person in St. Louis Park.

Group therapy is often a useful complement to individual therapy, as it allows clients to share their experiences with a community of people who can relate. It is a safe, judgment-free space to process thoughts, emotions, and behaviors related to and beyond eating disorders.

Each Recovery Club session includes a maximum of ten clients, along with an adolescent program therapist, Brooke Carlson, and dietitian Kate Opichka. The two providers support the adolescents in discussing a range of topics, including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, nutrition, school, stress, family, friends, and more. There is time for processing any issues brought to group, as well as for practicing CBT, DBT, and mindfulness skills.

Therapist Brooke Carlson is thrilled to report that Recovery Club is off to a successful start.

“Sessions are going GREAT,” she says. “We are at max capacity and people are really connecting with one another over telehealth. People are really engaged, and many adolescents say they look forward to our group every week!! We are starting a waitlist, so please feel free to still enroll if interested!”

The Emily Program offers a variety of group therapy opportunities for both adolescent and adult clients. Please speak with your individual therapist to participate or learn more. To begin your journey to recovery, call us at 1-888-364-5977 or complete our online form.

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