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February 12, 2019

Former Clients Reflect on Adolescent Programming

Former Clients Reflect on Adolescent Programming

We wanted to share former clients’ reflections on their time in The Emily Program’s adolescent programs.

  • “The Emily Program has helped me a lot mostly because I am a kid and usually these (things) don’t make a whole lot of sense. Thank you.” – Adolescent client
  • “Our family is more open—not just about food, but with feelings. It’s amazing to see how much everything has changed and how willing they are to say how they feel.” – Adolescent client
  • “I feel surrounded and protected—something I didn’t have for many years. It’s nice to have that, finally.” – Adolescent client
  • “Sometimes, you feel like you’re doing the battle alone. Being with the other parents definitely made me feel more supported. There’s a whole bunch of other people going through the same thing with their kids.” – Parent of an adolescent client
  • “I’m here with my daughter. She’s only been in the program for 2 months but I see changes in her already. So it’s nice to know I still have hope.” – Parent of an adolescent client
  • “I want to thank my daughter for being strong enough to face her own issues with her eating disorder. She came to The Emily Program to take back her life and she helped me realize I can do the same.” – Parent of an adolescent client

At The Emily Program, we understand that adolescents with eating disorders are also coping with the stresses of growing up, which can make eating disorder treatment complex. This is why our team of therapists, dietitians, and medical care staff focus on treating the whole person, working in collaboration with families and local support systems to provide comprehensive care. Our treatment team offers family-based therapy, individual therapy, medical monitoring, psychoeducation, and a variety of learning activities.

The Emily Program offers all levels of care for adolescents, including outpatient, day programming, and 24/7 residential programming.

No matter who you are—parent or child—if an eating disorder is affecting your life, you deserve help, support, and treatment. You can contact The Emily Program to learn more, start an intake, and ask any questions at 1-888-364-5977. You can also visit us online.

Get help. Find hope.