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February 21, 2017

Food and Mood: Part 1

Food and Mood: Part 1

Hi Everyone! Today’s blog is a brief introduction of the launch of a new nutritional series called “Food and Mood.”

In this series, we will explore the functional properties of many foods and nutrients as a way to help dispel myths, provide an understanding of the role several foods and nutrients play in your physical and mental well-being and take a closer look at commonly recommended nutrition supplementation.

The reality is that we need food AND the nutrients in food. Food plays a very important role in numerous processes in our body, which support overall physical and emotional health. New research on the important role nutritional health plays in our mental health is being published almost daily. This is GREAT news! This knowledge gives us more POWER–additional tools to add to the recovery toolbox. Incorporating this ever-evolving knowledge into an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to treatment (medicine, psychology, nutrition, yoga, and more…) makes the future of mental health treatment look very promising!

Our goal is to provide guidance and resources for incorporating these nutritional nuggets into eating disorder treatment and into overall well-being goals. We look forward to further exploring the functionality of food with you!

Get help. Find hope.