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August 28, 2014

Experiencing Beautiful

By Katie Teresi

Think, for a moment, about who or what is beautiful to you. It could be people, places, things…

Now here’s a challenge: If you eliminated every beautiful thing you thought of that was based on sight, how many things would be left?

We tend to judge beauty visually. Certain shapes, colors, and angles appeal to us and others don’t. This can be especially true when it comes to loving our bodies.

The online news and entertainment site, BuzzFeed, interviewed a group of people who are blind about the things they find beautiful. Watch the embedded video to hear what they had to say.

Without the gift of sight, these people live in a realm of beauty that those with vision oftentimes ignore – one defined by sounds, smells, feelings, and behavior, not appearance. Because they can’t see beauty, they’re experiencing it.

The sound of waves on a beach. A stranger demonstrating kindness. The smell of lilacs in the spring.

It’s a simple concept but one that can have profound results. If we explore beyond the visual, what new beautiful things can we discover and appreciate? How could that change what we value in ourselves and those around us?

So, here’s a second challenge: try and experience beautiful today. Be thankful for the beauty you see before you, but aspire to use all five senses to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!

Watch video:

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