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November 6, 2023

Episode 88: Seeking Help for a Child’s Eating Disorder with Aronson Kagiliery

Episode 88: Seeking Help for a Child’s Eating Disorder with Aronson Kagiliery

Episode description:

Aronson Kagiliery joins Peace Meal to share her family’s journey of finding the right eating disorder treatment for her teenage daughter with anorexia. After exploring local options, she shares, her family ultimately traveled to pursue care at Veritas Collaborative. Most helpful to Aronson’s experience at Veritas were parent programming and weekend sessions, which affirmed that her daughter’s eating disorder was not her fault. She then offers insight on prioritizing treatment above a child’s other commitments, as well as providing support outside of treatment by refusing to let the eating disorder rule.

Reflecting on her daughter’s treatment and recovery, Aronson reflects on the importance of self-care and attending to her own needs—something she wishes she had done more. She describes what gradual healing looked like for her daughter, including the signs she knew her daughter was getting better. In a particularly touching moment, Aronson recalls her daughter sharing that she has days where she doesn’t think once about her eating disorder, a reality they never imagined was possible. To close, Aronson graciously shares words of wisdom for other parents supporting a child with one of these illnesses.

Aronson is a wife, super-mom, entrepreneur, and community advocate. She studied psychology at the University of Central Florida, which led to a successful career in marketing and management at her family’s pizzerias and her husband’s car dealerships. Today, Aronson’s greatest role is as a supportive wife and mom to twin daughters, now college-aged. Aronson is committed to sharing her experience and knowledge to help other families of children with eating disorders. 

We cover:

  • Why parents are not to blame for their child’s eating disorder
  • The role of therapy and education for families with a child struggling with an eating disorder 
  • The importance of support for parents within the recovery space as they learn to balance caring for themselves while supporting their child
  • How to prioritize recovery over a child’s other commitments, including school and extracurriculars
  • Gradual signs of healing in the nonlinear process of eating disorder recovery 

In Aronson’s words:

  • On her family’s experience with Veritas Collaborative: “I liked how I didn’t feel judged for being there. I felt like, ‘Hey, we are in this together.’”
  • On self-care during her daughter’s treatment: “I would, knowing what I know now, take that hour and do what you need to be able to recharge so that you still have something left for everybody else.”
  • On what recovery is for her daughter: “[My daughter said] ‘I have days it doesn’t even cross my mind.’ And that is what you’ve heard about, but don’t realize it’s possible. And then when you hear your child say, ‘I don’t think about it all the time,’ you’re like, ‘Okay, we’ve got this. We can do this.’” 

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About the podcast:

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