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July 10, 2023

Episode 84: Treating Binge Eating Disorder with Stacy Schilter Pisano

Episode 84: Treating Binge Eating Disorder with Stacy Schilter Pisano

Episode description:

Stacy Schilter Pisano joins Peace Meal to shed light on the signs, symptoms, and complexities of binge eating disorder (BED), dispelling the myth that it is merely a matter of willpower. She describes the unique challenges facing those with BED, including misunderstandings about the illness, cultural stigma and shame related to overeating, marginalization in healthcare settings, and societal weight bias, particularly for those with BED who live in larger bodies. In light of these challenges, Stacy emphasizes the vital importance of treatment tailored to those affected by binge eating.

Stacy then provides an overview of virtual CARE IOP, The Emily Program’s and Veritas Collaborative’s standalone program for those BED and OSFED with a pattern of binge eating. Informed by the expertise of eating disorder professionals and the lived experiences of previous clients struggling with binge eating, CARE IOP offers a supportive environment where individuals can connect with others who truly understand their unique intersectional experiences. Unlike mixed-diagnosis treatment settings that may leave them feeling isolated, CARE IOP provides tailored, comprehensive care that promotes safety and healing. 

Stacy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Washington and a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. For nearly two decades, Stacy has helped individuals and families affected by body dissatisfaction, disordered eating, and clinical eating disorders. Since 2014, Stacy has been the director of The Emily Program’s South Sound location in Olympia, Washington. Within this role, she oversees a multidisciplinary team of providers offering PHP, IOP, OP, and FBT services. Stacy also developed and supervises The Emily Program’s and Veritas Collaborative’s virtual CARE IOP.

We cover:

  • The prevalence, signs, and symptoms of binge eating disorder (BED) 
  • The benefits of highly tailored care for those with BEDs
  • Why and how The Emily Program and Veritas Collaborative’s virtual CARE IOP program for BED was created to support those affected by binge eating
  • The unique program components of CARE IOP, including curricula related to weight stigma, self-compassion, and attunement 
  • How providers and loved ones can support someone with BED

In Stacy’s words:

  • On common misunderstandings about BED: “In our culture, people are urged to take responsibility for their relationship with food. And in the case of binge or overeating, many people believe that stopping is a matter of willpower or ‘getting control’ of their eating. And for some, they believe that one of the 33,000 diets out there will be the answer… People don’t fully understand that binge eating disorder is a mental health condition, and behaviors are the outcome of that complex array of different variables.”
  • On supporting a loved one with BED: “Binge eating disorder/binge eating behaviors are nobody’s fault. It wasn’t caused by any one particular thing and it’s not easy to overcome. So I think being able to just hold a lot of compassion as you’re interacting or engaging with somebody, or as you approach them in general.” 
  • On the complexity of BED: “You are not to blame. If you’ve tried hundreds of diets and each of them has failed, that’s the diet failing. 95-98% of diets fail. So it isn’t your fault… It is that complex interplay of biological, psychological, and environmental factors coming together in a perfect/imperfect storm.”

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