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November 18, 2020

Episode 40: Faith-Based Recovery with Brittany Braswell

Episode 40: Faith-Based Recovery with Brittany Braswell

Episode description:

Brittany Braswell is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) who runs a virtual private practice for those struggling with food and body image concerns. In both individual and group settings, she helps clients reduce their anxiety and disordered behaviors so that they can achieve lasting freedom from the bondage of their eating disorders.

Brittany joins us in this episode of Peace Meal to explore recovery from a faith-based perspective. For many, she explains, faith is a belief system more powerful than an eating disorder, one in which people can trust when distancing themselves from their illness.

To place trust in faith during recovery, Brittany emphasizes the importance of intentionality.

“I think being able to reconnect to those values or to your faith is really about turning down the eating disorder volume and getting really intentional about identifying and listening for those healthy voices,” she says.

As those healthy voices become louder in recovery, people can also strengthen their connection with their bodies and nutritional needs. Faith can augment a non-diet approach like intuitive eating, Brittany says, highlighting the alignment she sees between scripture and intuitive eating principles. She explores this connection in greater detail in her eBook, Faith Over Fear.

A key to recovery—for people of faith and otherwise—is finding eternal worth and an identity separate from the eating disorder.

“Once you know your worth and identity,” Brittany says, “place your identity in that thing that’s unshakeable.”

To learn more about Brittany and her faith-forward approach to recovery, visit her website at There you can find her free eBook, Faith Over Fear: Ditch Food Rules and Nourish Your Body Without Guilt, information about the services she offers, and other resources. Brittany is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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