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September 18, 2019

Episode 17: Abbie’s Recovery Story

Episode 17: Abbie’s Recovery Story

Episode description:

Peace Meal’s Recovery Series aims to share stories of those in eating disorder recovery in hopes of starting conversations, breaking stigmas, and encouraging healing. On today’s episode, we talk to Abbie Scott. Abbie suffered from an eating disorder during her youth, continued on to pursue recovery, and now helps others who have struggled in her career as a registered dietitian.

Episode show notes:

Abbie Scott is a Registered Dietitian at The Emily Program’s Anna Westin House in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She is passionate about eating disorder prevention, yoga, and helping others develop positive food-body relationships. In addition, Abbie holds her 200-hour registered yoga teacher certification and has completed multiple trainings on the intersection of yoga, food, and body image.

Abbie was officially diagnosed with the eating disorder EDNOS (now known as OSFED) when she was a preteen. Abbie discusses how comments she heard about losing weight, smaller being better, and problematic compliments affected the development of her eating disorder. These negative comments and body-based praise led Abbie to start restricting the types of food she would consume. This then turned into the micromanagement of everything she consumed.

As Abbie’s weight dropped, her mom brought her to a therapist to discuss her food judgments and behaviors. She was eventually referred to a hospital-setting where the providers treated all types of mental illness and were not specialized in eating disorder treatment. This led Abbie to have a memorable experience that she states, “Scared her into recovery,” though she wishes she could have experienced more tailored treatment.

Following her care at the hospital and ongoing therapy, with the support of her mom, Abbie began recovery. From therapy, Abbie began to untangle her food judgments and behaviors, while finding new ways to adapt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

After her recovery, Abbie pursued a degree in nutrition, which led her to The Emily Program. Abbie has been a dietitian since 2013 and says working with eating disorders was always her passion. To those struggling, Abbie says, “No matter what your eating disorder voice is telling you, it’s not the only answer. Yes, recovery is challenging but it does get easier.”

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About the podcast:

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