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March 16, 2017

Body Talk: Eating Disorders PSA

Kent State University Independent Films (KSUIF), a student-run production company in Ohio, recently released a public service announcement about the eating disorder thoughts that can take over a person’s life. Writer Rachel Ramras said that the inner monologue in the film was pulled from her personal experience.

“I hoped to educate others on what goes on in the mind of someone with an eating disorder,” said Ramras. “Family and friends of people with eating disorders have a difficult time grasping what it is like; I hope this aids in their understanding. However, I know that the experience in the PSA is not representative of all those with eating disorders.”

Ramras, who has been in recovery for many years, said her “eating disorder voice” still tries to boss her around sometimes. In fact, she thought of the concept for the PSA when was out for a run and imagined another version of herself running next to her, saying she needed to go faster.

KSUIF hoped that by releasing this PSA, people with eating disorders would feel heard and consider treatment.

Get help. Find hope.