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March 15, 2018

Around the Web: March 2018

Around the Web: March 2018

Check out our list of the top 5 online news items and stories that have found interesting or inspiring recently.

Eating disorders are not a choice. But recovery is hundreds of little choices every single day.

Stereotypes and the underdiagnosis of eating disorders. A new study shows that men, minor populations, and those who are less affluent often don’t receive proper ED health care as a result.

ED looks different in everyone. This opinion piece is an important reminder that eating disorders don’t always occur in those who are underweight or those who restrict food.

Clean to the extreme. A preoccupation with “pure” and “good” foods can sometimes spiral into an eating disorder.

What does self-care mean to YOU? It’s a personal journey, and it’s not all bubble baths and manicures.

Get help. Find hope.