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August 27, 2019

Anna Westin House West Open House 

Anna Westin House West Open House 

The Emily Program hosted an open house last week to celebrate the opening of the Anna Westin House West—the first residential eating disorder treatment facility in Minneapolis. The Emily Program has expanded residential programming in the Twin Cities as part of its ongoing commitment to offering comprehensive, effective treatment for eating disorders. The 16-bed residential program will provide structured, evidence-based care for those in need of highly intensive eating disorder treatment. The first clients will be welcomed on September 9th.

In alignment with The Emily Program’s other residential facilities, the Anna Westin House West will provide around-the-clock intervention aimed at lessening eating disorder behaviors, while restoring the medical and nutritional stability of clients. In this safe and supportive environment, clients can expect individual and group therapy, medical monitoring, psychiatric and nutrition services, and 24-hour nursing to be a part of their treatment plan. By providing comprehensive care at the residential level that steps down into less intensive programming, The Emily Program walks alongside clients for their entire recovery journey. 

At the open house, Minneapolis Mayor Frey led a ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside The Emily Program staff. Kitty Westin, whose daughter is the namesake of the Anna Westin House West, expressed how meaningful the site was to her family, and Emily Program founder Dirk Miller and Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Jillian Lampert spoke about the mission of The Emily Program and its goals for the future. Attendees of the open house were able to tour the Anna Westin House West, connect with local community members, meet Emily Program providers, and enjoy refreshments.

Mayor Frey Leading the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Mayor Jacob Frey leading the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Anna Westin Open House Crowd

A local crowd listening to Mayor Frey discuss the importance of proper care for eating disorders. 

Emily Program Leadership Team with Kitty and Mark Westin

From left to right: Emily Program CEO Dave Willcutts, Emily Program CSO Dr. Jillian Lampert, Kitty Westin, Mark Westin, Emily Program founder Dirk Miller.

Kitty and Mark Westin with a Plaque for their Daughter, Anna

Kitty and Mark Westin standing next to a plaque for their daughter Anna Westin. The Anna Westin House West is named after Anna, who lost her life to an eating disorder.

If you are interested in learning more about The Emily Program’s services or are ready to start treatment, call us at 1-888-364-5977.

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