Accelerated Visits Available

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Accelerated visits are now available to all Emily Program clients who have been through the complete intake process, and in urgent need of crisis intervention or additional support. In other words, when your primary therapist is not available in a timely manner or while you are awaiting a primary therapist (after intake evaluation). 

What Qualifies for an Accelerated Visit?

An accelerated visit is not intended to take the place of individual therapy. Instead, it is a service that can help clients in emergency situations via support, feedback and referral to services outside The Emily Program that will promote stabilization.

Some common uses of accelerated visits revolve around acute increases in the severity of depression, anxiety, suicidal/homicidal thinking, and eating disorder symptoms. Sometimes situational stressors promote the use of an accelerated visit (e.g. conflict at work, loss of a loved one, domestic violence or the consequences around chemical abuse). The question that will help you determine whether or not to request an accelerated visit is, “Do I need help with this emergency today or can it wait until my next appointment with my primary therapist?”

Counseling sessions are 25 to 45 minutes in length. To utilize this service, please contact scheduling, or the front desk of your primary location. 


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