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January 25, 2017

A Closer Look: Body Image Y Group

A Closer Look: Body Image Y Group

The Emily Program offers a wide array of individual and group therapy options for clients at all levels of care. Today, let’s take a closer look at an outpatient group called Body Image Y. To learn more, we caught up with therapist Laura Sferra at our Spokane, WA site.

Q: What is the Body Image Y Group?

A: Body Image Y is a ten-week-long outpatient group that offers clients the opportunity to experience their body from an internal perspective. They can begin to experience a more integrated sense of self, which over time, can shape body image. The group offers a safe, supportive environment to cultivate body appreciation and self-care while practicing mindfulness, breathing, and yoga.

Q: What can clients expect during a typical group period?

A: This group is facilitated by both a yoga instructor and a therapist. Our clients spend about one hour of gentle yoga movement and thirty minutes of the therapy process. Clients are given time to write in their journal about a topic presented at the beginning of class and then we spend time sharing their experience. Body Image Y is a group for all body shapes and sizes.

Q: What kind of feedback have you gotten from clients who have participated?

A: By and large, clients recognize that this and similar groups are a valuable part of the recovery process. A couple of comments that stand out in my mind is that one client said Body Image Y was beneficial for “slowing down, grounding, peace, feeling nurtured and becoming more body aware.” Another client said, “I felt like it provided a lot of kindness to my body and has helped to quiet my mind.”

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