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What to expect at The Emily Program

When you begin the admissions process, you can expect to speak with a compassionate staff member who truly understands the complexities of eating disorders. We honor your trust in us and we keep everything that you share with us confidential.

Take the first steps toward your recovery

Step 1: Speak with an admissions specialist

If you’ve completed an online request to start the process of scheduling an eating disorder assessment, then we’ll be contacting you soon. Otherwise, please call us at 1-888-364-5977 to speak with an admissions specialist.

Step 2: Make a plan with your admissions specialist

Your admissions specialist will talk with you about what you (or your child) are experiencing, answer questions, collect your personal information (name, contact info, insurance information), and help schedule your assessment at a convenient Emily Program location.

Step 3: Eating disorder assessment and initial intake

Once your assessment is scheduled, you will receive a welcome packet which includes documents to complete and/or review prior to that appointment. At the appointment, you will complete a self-assessment that consists of several pen and paper questionnaires to help your intake therapist gain a better idea of what you are experiencing. The therapist will then spend time with you to review results of the questionnaires and discuss treatment recommendations and next steps to move forward with care. (If you’re coming directly from another treatment facility or live out of driving distance of our sites, we’ll complete your intake by phone.)

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