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Your care team

Because no two people have the same eating disorder, we personalize your treatment to your unique needs. With compassionate support at every level of care, our teams guide you throughout your entire journey.

We’re here with you, step by step

Your care team will likely consist of an individual therapist and a dietitian. Your therapist helps you learn how to address your symptoms and feelings in relation to eating and food. Therapy also aids in coping and self-growth. Your therapist is your primary contact throughout your treatment experience. Many times, a close connection develops between the therapist, client, and client’s family over time.

Other care team members may also help with your journey

Individual treatment plans may call for additional healthcare professionals on the care team, such as:

  • Specialty Therapist – provides integrative interventions or nontraditional care, such as yoga, expressive arts, or recreation therapy
  • Dietitian – helps clients choose food options that lead to a healthier lifestyle and nutritional balance
  • Medical Provider – evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and monitors physical ailments due to an eating disorder
  • Psychiatrist – helps address other mental disorders occurring with an eating disorder, such as anxiety or depression
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Your leadership team

Comprised of nationally recognized researchers and expert clinicians, the leadership team at The Emily Program ensures we provide the best care for eating disorders. Meet the team.

Frequently asked questions

The Emily Program is here to answer any questions you have about eating disorders and the recovery journey. We want to help. Read the FAQ now.

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