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Coronavirus Response

  • Last updated April 21, 2023

    A message from The Emily Program

    Clients, Families, and Friends,

    We are continually monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and its spread. We know this crisis creates many anxieties and concerns. The Emily Program is committed to supporting clients, families, and staff as the situation evolves. 

    We offer virtual treatment services for OP, IOP, and PHP/IDP, preserving the integrity of our clinical care while allowing us to serve clients from their homes for these levels of care. 

    Our residential programs will continue in-person to meet the needs of clients requiring that level of care. We take stringent precautions around screening and enhanced preventative behaviors at our treatment sites. Please refer to The Emily Program’s Safety Protocols document for full details.

    Our task force of medical, clinical, and executive leadership meets daily, and as needed during each day, to ensure safety, update plans, institute new procedures, answer questions, and keep all staff, clients, and families informed. These efforts help to ensure our teams can access the latest information and act quickly. We continue to take stringent precautions around screening clients entering treatment, enhancing preventative behaviors, and ensuring we are informed regarding appropriate community resources.

    Lastly, we are heartened by and so appreciative of the community support we’ve received for our continued delivery of care. From families sewing and donating hundreds of cloth masks for use by staff to help keep them protected while they are out in the community getting groceries to distilleries donating gallons of their newest product – hand sanitizer – to make sure we have an adequate supply, we know that the work we do is wholeheartedly supported by the communities we are honored to serve.

    We will continue to ensure that we have the safest environment possible for all.


    Dave Willcutts headshot

    Dave Willcutts,
    Chief Executive Officer

    Mark Warren headshot

    Mark Warren,
    Chief Medical Officer


    Medical leadership staff will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have:

  • The Emily Program is committed to keeping clients and staff safe, keeping our sites open, and continuing to provide essential and exceptional care to clients struggling with eating disorders.

    We have established a COVID-19 Task Force which includes executive leadership, clinical, medical, and operational staff. The task force meets regularly to monitor frequently fluctuating recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and other resources to ensure our policies and procedures meet the latest guidelines to limit exposure to the virus. Our goal is to implement the most clinically appropriate plans to detect, protect, and respond should anyone in our care show symptoms of this virus.

    Refer to The Emily Program’s Safety Protocols document for details.

  • Virtual treatment services are offered for intensive outpatient and day programs (PHP/IDP and IOP) and individual outpatient sessions to reduce traffic in and out of our sites and prevent the spread of infection. 

    This information sheet details the process for virtual intensive programs:

    Visit our Virtual Treatment page for more information on services.

  • We have added in-person PHP/IDP programs back in many locations, including:



    • Seattle
      • Adult DBT PHP
      • Adult PHP (AM)
      • Adult PHP (PM)
      • Adolescent PHP
    • Spokane
      • Adolescent PHP


    • Cleveland
      • Adult DBT PHP/IDP
      • Adult PHP/IDP (AM) 
      • Adolescent PHP/IDP
    • Columbus
      • Adult PHP/IDP (AM)
      • Young Adult PHP/IDP (AM)
      • Adolescent PHP

    Information Sheets

    These information sheets detail our intensive program offerings:

    Virtual treatment services also continue to be available for intensive programming.

  • If I have a fever and cough, should I still come to treatment at The Emily Program?
    No, we are screening all clients, staff, and visitors. These symptoms indicate that you should be home and resting until you are fever-free for 72 hours and no longer have a cough. All entrances have posted signs that ask clients, staff, visitors, and others not to enter if they have signs of illness (such as fever or cough).

    Will I be asked to wear a medical/flat mask if I attend treatment in person?
    As of April 17th, 2023, medical/flat masks are optional in all Emily Program facilities. 

    Can The Emily Program test for coronavirus at our sites?
    Yes. We now offer PCR on-site testing at all Emily Program facilities.

    Are clients and staff required to be vaccinated?
    No, we are not requiring COVID-19 vaccinations at this time for staff or clients. We will, however, be tracking whether staff and clients are vaccinated so that we can keep people safe. We are working to determine our system to track vaccination among staff and clients. We will share more information on this system as it is ready.

    How can I get vaccinated?
    We strongly encourage you to get vaccinated. Please contact your health provider or go online to search for vaccination availability near you. COVID-19 vaccination is free and/or covered by insurance. The Emily Program is not offering vaccinations.

    Can visitors still come to The Emily Program sites?
    Residential clients may have up to two visitors (parent/legal guardian, partner, sibling, etc.) visit during on-site visiting hours. Visitors will be screened upon arrival. We are supporting virtual visits to continue to support clients and families through these exceptional times.

    Which levels of care are available in person at this time?
    Residential treatment takes place on site. PHP and IDP programs are available in-person and via telehealth (See the Onsite Services tab for a full list of programs available onsite.) We are currently adding in-person PHP/IDP programs back in many locations. IOP and individual outpatient services are still being offered exclusively by telehealth. Call 1-888-364-5977 to learn what is available in your area.

    Why did you decide to start offering in-person PHP/IDP again?
    We believe we can offer in-person services safely by deploying numerous safety features including screening, physical distancing, enhanced hygiene/cleaning procedures, and small group sizes. Given that in-person care can be delivered safely, and at the same time, many people prefer to receive services via telehealth, we are offering both options to meet the array of client needs.

    Will my insurance continue to cover telehealth treatment?
    We understand that insurance coverage for telehealth may be a concern. We do not yet have clear information on whether insurance providers will change their telehealth coverage policies. If there is a shift, we do expect to have adequate notice so we can, in turn, give adequate notice to our clients.

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