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Staff Spotlight: Kelsey Thomas, Site Director

Kelsey Thomas, Staff Spotlight

Kelsey Thomas is the Site Director for The Emily Program’s Seattle Outpatient site. If she could change anything, she would eliminate diet culture.

TEP: Tell us about yourself!

Kelsey: I am the Site Director for the Seattle Outpatient site. I have been working here for over 6 years in various roles and absolutely love the work I get to do! Outside of work, you can find me near or in water. I love writing letters to my loved ones and sending them off via snail mail and laughing with friends – bad dad jokes and puns are my favorite!

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Bringing Mindfulness to Your Meals

Girl eating nachos

As we come out of the busy holiday season it can be a good time to slow down and bring attention and awareness back to our food and eating. There are several ways to bring mindfulness to the eating experience, including the One Minute Taste Test and sensory evaluation.

The One Minute Taste Test

For a quick and fun way to reconnect to the eating experience, try the One Minute Taste Test by following the steps below.

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Announcing Peace Meal, an Emily Program Podcast

Peace Meal Logo

The Emily Program is thrilled to announce our new podcast Peace Meal. Peace Meal covers topics related to eating disorders, body image issues, and how society may contribute to distorted thinking. Join host Claire Holtz as she sits down with eating disorder field leaders, medical professionals, and those in recovery to shed a light on eating disorders, body-related biases, and so much more! New episodes are out the first Monday of every month.

Our first mini-episode, Introducing Peace Meal, is out NOW! On this episode of Peace Meal, we talk to The Emily Program founder Dirk Miller. Dirk shares how his recovery from alcoholism and bulimia set him on a mission to help others who are struggling.

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